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4 Email Marketing Tips That Boost Revenue


Email marketing technology is used by a massive 82% of B2B and B2C companies. For e-commerce, emails have the highest conversion rate (66%) compared to channels such as social media and direct mail. While the benefits are clear, it’s important to get your campaigns right. Here are 4 tips for sending marketing emails that will engage your audience and help drive conversions.

1. Who do you send to?
We can’t stress this enough: don’t buy your email lists! Consider what you’d think if a company you’d never engaged with before emailed you out of the blue. These campaigns look like spam, and often get thrown straight into junk inboxes. Lists available for purchase have likely been targeted over and over, without having been cleaned to remove hard bounces. GDPR also comes into effect next year which means you could soon be fined for marketing to third party lists. If you aren’t sure about how you may be affected by GDPR, read our guide here.

You can harm your IP reputation and deliverability by sending to lists like this, and decent email marketing platforms will often prevent you from sending to them at all. Use an opt-in list: get people to give you their email address either in person or via your website. Sure, it’ll take longer to build your database (particularly if you’re a new business) but your customers and Sender Score will thank you for it in the long run.

2. What should you send?
It’s hard to craft the “perfect” email – particularly when considering the conflicting benefits and pitfalls of using image and text. Stunning visuals get more clicks and conversions, but not everyone will download images. If your customers are presented with an email that looks blank until they click, your key messages may be lost completely.

Employ some balance: keep your text as text, and your Call-To-Actions (CTAs)/ buttons visible. Include visuals, but make these approximately a third of your available content. Also, assume that some people will download images, and make these clickable too.

3. What were the results?
As with all marketing, how you analyse results will be essential for your next campaign. Take a look at your readers’ behaviour – what sort of subject lines do they go for? Are they more inclined to click buttons or text links? What time of day do they tend to open your campaigns?

We recommend SendInBlue for email campaigns. They break down results for you into handy reports, which show your audience’s location, open rate, Click-Through-Rates, links clicked and more. Be patient, though! 23% of readers opening emails on their mobiles will return to them later, so leave analysis for a few days to get more accurate results.

4. What’s next?
Once you know who your audience are, how they’re engaging with your campaign and what they do once on your site, you can refine campaigns even more. According to the DMA, marketers see a 760% revenue increase from sending segmented campaigns.

We suggest A/B testing. Divide your email database and send each almost identical emails, but with small changes to elements like subject lines and CTAs. This can give invaluable insight into the sort of campaigns that work for your audience. The more tailor your campaigns, the more personal they feel, making your customers far more likely to engage with them.

At GML Consulting, we understand the importance of sending visually impressive, results-focused campaigns that drive readership, clicks and conversions. Our marketing team will work with you from start to finish, to ensure you get the results you want. Get in touch with us to find out how we can help your business’s email marketing thrive.