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Broken cupboard door with construction tape

DIY Disasters: Why You Should Outsource Your Marketing


The following may sound familiar:

Ellie: “Morning! I think we should hire *Company* to refurb the house”.

Dave: “What? Don’t be daft – how hard can it be? We’ll do it ourselves”.

Now, unless you’re married to Kevin McCloud or Kirsty Allsop, you’ll know that this situation will likely result in a disaster. Possibly even a television-worthy disaster presented by Kevin and Kirsty themselves. So why would businesses DIY their marketing? They’ll have reasons, and some will be similar to Dave and Ellie’s. However, we believe these are misconceptions. Here are 3 great reasons why you should outsource your marketing.

Reason 1: “We’ll save lots of money!”

Sounds convincing, doesn’t it? Saving as much as possible is almost always the best option, but DIY may not actually do that in the long run. Assuming you invest in a marketing professional, they often cost more. Instead of paying one agency contract, you have to cover someone’s entire salary, training and benefits.

Dave may be competent at painting and perhaps putting up the odd shelf, but eventually they’ll need to fit the kitchen worktops. If Dave opts to DIY, he risks a botched job that costs more to rectify than it would hiring a qualified joiner in the first place. Similarly, you can’t expect one individual to excel in all the design, copywriting, social media and much more that an entire marketing team covers.

Reason 2: “It can’t be that difficult – we can do just as good a job ourselves”.

Specialist work comes at a price because it is “that difficult”. By outsourcing, you’re paying for a team who are already well trained – and it sure isn’t their first rodeo. They’ll have a back catalogue of businesses they’ve worked with, and an invaluable amount of experiences and expertise that they can draw on to help you.

Being too wrapped up in your vision for your business can also be damning. Dave and Ellie might be enamoured with the idea of having a chandelier above their dining table. A specialist, on the other hand, could take one look at the ceiling height and see that there’s no way one would fit without Dave punching through it every time he passes the salt. An outsourced team will bring fresh perspectives to your project, and use their expertise to separate the feasible from the unfeasible.

Reason 3: “We’ll do some after work and a bit at weekends. It’ll be done in no time”.

It’s important to dedicate time to marketing, but businesses need to be able to focus on their own work. For an agency, dedicating time to your marketing is their focus. If you just squeeze in a bit here and there, or have only one marketing team member, tasks will take longer and get neglected. If Dave and Ellie were planning to sell their house once it’s finished, but were making too slow progress, a viewer may lose patience and find another to buy. Similarly, if your blog hasn’t had any posts for over a month, your rankings will drop as readers go elsewhere. Agencies want you as a client. This means they will be eager to dedicate their time to easily-overlooked tasks like content writing, which can really boost your online presence.

Hopefully, Dave and Ellie will see sense and hire specialists for their refurbishments. And when it’s done more efficiently and to exceptional professional standards, they’ll see that it was worth it. Outsourcing marketing is the same. GML Consulting are experts in many fields including marketing, and work hard to apply our expertise to your business. You can read our case studies for clients we’ve worked with here, or contact us today to learn more.