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PPC Myths Debunked – Part 2


Welcome back to our two-part blog series on common myths that can hinder your PPC campaign. If you missed our first instalment, you can find 24 PPC Myths Debunked Part 1 here.


  1. Its Best to Run your PPC Ads Strictly During the Day For the Utmost Efficiency

It’s tempting to adhere to a rigid time schedule for your PPC campaign, especially if you have a low budget. However, sticking to a daytime schedule means you could miss out on valuable traffic. Consider customers who have busy workdays and do all of their web browsing at night. If your product or service has an international demographic make sure all the possible time-zones are covered. It’s important to remember that the internet is available 24/7 and more people than you think take advantage of that.


  1. Browsers Won’t Trust Paid Search Engine Advertising


This may surprise people well versed with search engines, but approximately 50% of adult web users struggle to differentiate organic search content from PPC advertising. And besides, web users will engage with your ads if you’re supplying what they’re searching for. The only reason trust should be an issue is if there is a dissonance between your PPC ad and your landing page content.


  1. If PPC Is Working For You, You May As Well Focus All Your Resources Into It


Believing this myth will cause you to neglect things that can be equally successful, such as SEO. Now you have guaranteed clicks due to a successful PPC campaign, you can’t become complacent about the quality of your content, as this is what will ultimately will ensure success for your website.


  1. Focus All Of Your Budget On The Ad That Immediately Gets The Best CTR


As previously stated, although it’s more than likely that one at will get a substantially higher CTR, focusing entirely on this completely ignores the significance of assisted conversions. Relying on one ad to drive traffic is quite short-sighted, and gives your advertising efforts no room to grow and develop.


  1. If Your PPC Is Working Well In Google, There’s No Point Adapting It To Other Search Engines


If you aim to have a wide range of web traffic visitors, you can’t rely on one set of keywords or one type of content to appeal to absolutely everyone. There are many search engines out there and some of them are used by a more niche demographic than others. For an example, consult our blog post about how you could target audiences on Bing.


  1. You Don’t Need to Differentiate your PPC Ads Across Platforms


Ignoring the potential of mobile browsers with your PPC ads is a mistake your campaign cannot afford to make. With mobile browsing currently eclipsing desktops, it’s important that you make your PPC ad mobile friendly. To do so, Google encourages cutting your text length and including mobile-specific calls to action, such as call extensions and links to install apps (if you have one) in your PPC content.


  1. Improving Your Landing Page is Less of a Priority if you Have a High Volume of Traffic


It’s easy to presume that lots of visitors will mean lots of customers, regardless of the quality of your landing page. However, bearing in mind that most web browsers visit a site 3-4 times before making a purchase, they won’t stay on your website for long if it doesn’t seem directly relevant to your ad content or if it’s difficult to navigate.


  1. Your Company’s Homepage is a Great Landing Page


If your PPC ad draws visitors to your company’s homepage, they’ll be enticed by the array of services and products you offer, right? Wrong. People who click on PPC ads want to be directed to the information that led them there in the first place, and if they don’t find it quickly, your bounce rate will skyrocket.


  1. A Well-Performing PPC Ad and Optimised Landing Page Will Ensure Repeat Visits


To say that the internet is saturated with content is an understatement. A great PPC ad will pique your audience’s interest, but the unfortunate truth is that 95% of website visitors will never return once they’ve left your website. A good practice is to collect the emails of your first time visitors. Creating a personalised dialogue with potential customers is a sure-fire way to boost conversions.


  1. A Highly-Ranked PPC Ad Doesn’t Need any Further Changes


Constantly revisiting your PPC ad content, regardless of performance, is always wise. There are two main benefits from making occasional tweaks to your ad. Firstly, it ensures that you’re remaining distinct from competitors. Secondly, as your ad moves up in ranking, you may be offered free extra ad extensions to multiple links on your website. In other words, if you’re climbing to the top, ensure you stay there.


  1. The Exposure You’ll Get from PPC is a Great Opportunity to Give out Your Contact Details


PPC myths proliferate because, at first glance, they seem to make logical sense. Putting your phone number or address on your PPC ad is a prime example. People who click on a PPC ad will make a purchase through your website, they will not take down your phone number and call you to make a purchase. Instead, take advantage of ad extensions to give visitors this kind of information.


  1. There’s No Point Outsourcing Your PPC To An Agency If You Know The Basics


Feasibly if you’re aware of how to run a PPC campaign there’s nothing stopping you from keeping your efforts exclusively in-house. However, if there’s any level of uncertainty about the nuances of PPC, you may be better off enlisting the help of an agency. It’s also worth mentioning a 2014 article that approximates a 40-60% wastage figure on self-run / in-house campaigns. GML not only has all the relevant PPC expertise, but we are also certified Google-partners, so outsourcing your PPC to us could be a wiser use of marketing budget.


We sincerely hope that you’ve found our series on PPC informative, and that you now feel adequately equipped to run PPC campaigns in a smart, cost-effective way. GML Consulting is a certified Google Partner, providing data-driven marketing solutions to maximise ROI, in line with your individual business goals. Click here to find out more about our work in PPC.


Thanks for reading, and from all of us at GML Consulting, have a fantastic Christmas!