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Bing Ads – the Statistics and Features


Statistics show that the United Kingdom’s leading search engine in March 2016 was Google, taking the lion’s share of searches at 86.65%. Coming in second was Bing with 8.88% and in third was Yahoo with 3.38%.

When compiling PPC strategies many people place all their eggs in the Google AdWords basket. In doing so they forget or disvalue the 12.26% of searches that can be gained via the Bing Ads Search Alliance, which covers searches on Bing and Yahoo. Not only that – the launch of Windows 10 means Bing’s search volume is growing across Europe, so now is the time to add this platform to your marketing efforts.

Advertisers can thrive in the Bing market place, with many new opportunities and strategies available in an environment which is less competitive than its Google counterpart. WordStream have documented that Bing’s CPC (cost per click) is 33.5% cheaper than Google’s, and their ads often display in better positions than on Google, as well as garnering a higher CTR (click-through rate). We can vouch for this fact using our experience within our own campaigns at GML. With Bing Ads, we have seen CTRs exceeding 15%, and we are gaining higher ROI percentages. So what’s not to like?
Here is a list containing the benefits of Bing Ads, with some explanation of its core features.

1. International Targeting
At GML we carry out international PPC campaigns for our customers. With Google Ad Scheduling, determining relative working hours in other countries is a time-consuming task, as changing your preferred time zone is restricted to the Account Settings. This means working out how many hours ahead or behind a given country is and translating back to the static timeframe your account is set at. With Bing you can easily assign different campaigns to different time zones, making the process intuitive to manage and set up. Simples.

2. Device Targeting
Ever annoyed that you can’t adjust your Tablet bids on Google AdWords? I get increasing irate with this, especially when you can see the conversion rate is much higher for this device. With Bing it’s straightforward. You can even target devices via their operating systems.

3. Social Extensions
An exciting new feature for Bing is the social extensions that are currently being beta tested in the US.


As you can see in the image, Social Extensions appear under the written copy of text ads and can be linked to the advertiser’s social media accounts. These extensions can also include a hashtag.

“Businesses today spend a lot of time and resources to engage customers on social media and use paid search to drive traffic. Bing Ads team believes it’s time to build a bridge between two,” says Aurea Astro, program manager for Bing Ads Platform.

4. Product Ads

Bing Product Ads integrates product information within Bing search results, as shown in the image below.


This is in the same vein as Google Shopping but, as previously mentioned, at a much lower cost per click. It is a great platform to utilise if you are in retail and in charge of a large inventory.

To set this up, you have to create both Bing Webmaster Tools and Bing Merchant Center accounts. Once complete, if you have Google Shopping Ads you can easily import the campaign into Bing at the click of a button.

5. Image Ads

In November 2015, Bing Ads implemented Image Extensions, which means your ads can include an image, a visual cue which can help to set your ad apart, grab attention and increase clicks. You can upload up to six images alongside your ad copy.


So now you know the statistics and features of Bing Ads. If you are looking to expand your marketing efforts or wish to refresh your advertising campaigns then please let us know. We would be more than happy to help.