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Social Media Stats For Success…


Did you know…?
• 90% of people aged 18-29 use social media
• 52% of adults on the web use two or more social networks
• Of the 7.2billion people on earth, 3billion have internet access, and 2.1billion are active on social media

With such a vast number of potential clients using social networks, it is clear that social media is an essential component to any business’s marketing plan in 2016 and beyond. Social media is only going to continue to grow in popularity, especially with the increase of smartphone ownership making it much easier for people to access apps such as Facebook and Twitter.

So you’ve decided that your business is open to the opportunity that social media presents. Now which social networks do you start with? Which ones are right for your business? How do you make the most of each? And, once decided, how can you measure the effectiveness of your marketing? Read further to find out …


Facebook is no doubt the social media giant. The company continues to make updates to its social network, always evolving to present a better experience to its users, solidifying its position in the process. With such broad demographics covered, Facebook can be a logical place to start with social media marketing – however, with millions of Facebook Business pages, there is a lot of competition.

The demographics:
• 307 million people have Facebook accounts in Europe
• 77% of females and 66% of males use Facebook
• The most common age group that use Facebook is 25-34

Marketing tips:
• Gain more likes by posting high quality content that encourages sharing
• Include links in your posts – these will encourage sharing and can hugely increase your reach
• For small businesses, judicious use of “boosted” posts can improve reach and engagement
• Make good use of tailored, customised images and videos – in posts and ads, including rich media really makes the difference



Twitter also boasts a very broad audience but the network’s unique selling point, its character limit, means communication through it tends to be short, catchy and conversational. Notably, it can be relatively easy to gain followers to your business through this network. This could be the exact right set of circumstances for developing a relationship between your business and clients.

The demographics:
• 24% of men and 21% of women use Twitter
• 23% of internet users use Twitter
• 37% of adults 18-29 use Twitter

Marketing tips:
• Develop a consistent, personal style to your tweets to appear reliable and boost engagement
• Sharing links more than text in tweets is proven to be very in promoting your profile
• Engage with your audience by following them, and returning favourites and retweets
• Use search features to discover conversations about what your audience wants or needs



LinkedIn can be one of the most effective ways to get in touch with the directors and decision-makers in a business. This social network is much more business oriented, making its use a great opportunity for B2B companies and professional interfacing.

The demographics:
• A quarter of online adults use LinkedIn
• 26% of online males and 25% of online women use LinkedIn
• 32% of users are aged 30-49

Marketing tips:
• Tailor communications to a more professional audience than Facebook/Twitter
• Clever use of Sponsored Updates can increase the reach and bolster the establishment of your page
• Make use of the little-known Professional Portfolio feature to include engaging images and videos
• Use your LinkedIn network to seek opportunities to make yourself useful and memorable to your most valuable connections


Other Social Networks

Other popular social networks include Instagram (28% of adult internet users use Instagram), and Pinterest (31% of adult internet users use Pinterest). These two social networks are much more image-focused. Brands that have attractive products benefit most from these networks, as it gives them the chance to show off. Instagram/Pinterest users “favourite” things that catch their eye – so products such as clothing and food are perfect for posting on here.

The second largest search engine is YouTube, with more than 3 billion searches a month. Video is such a big marketing trend and is only predicted to grow, with so many people now having a YouTube account associated with their business. Other video-based social networks include Vine (where people post videos up to 6 seconds long that loop) and Vimeo. You can of course post videos on Instagram too. It’s possible that one of these networks is the best medium for getting your message across, especially if that message is complex or otherwise not working in a motionless format.

How to measure your social success

Many businesses find it hard deciding how to measure the success of their social media campaigns, and really the best way varies depending on your business aims. Think about the targets you have set for your business – did you set up your Facebook page to gain exposure/leads, to engage with your customers, or to gain more traffic to your website?

• Google Analytics – can be used to see how many people have visited your website from social networks. You can use this information to track how well your page is performing, and which social network is getting the most referrals through to your website
• Social Analytics – most social networks have their own analytics sites (for example: Facebook Insights) – you can use these to monitor how many likes, shares and comments (engagement) your posts are gaining
• Social Media Measuring Tools – There are various tools online that can measure and track the performance of your social accounts, including, and

If you need help with your social media accounts – even if you need them setting up from scratch – GML can help. Our social media packages can be tailored to your individual business needs. We’ll spend time listening to your objectives and understanding your brand to evaluate the best path to take toward social media success. Feel free to contact us today and find out how we can help your business.