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New Year’s Auditing Services…


Time For “Fresh Start” Auditing

The year may not be as new as it was a couple of weeks ago. Nevertheless, January remains a wonderful time to take a breath and look forward to the horizon. Where will you be in a year’s time? How better to know this than to authorise a health check on one or more aspects of your business? Not that it’s ever a bad time to run an audit. Whatever your current analysis of your situation, there’s typically a load of information to be garnered that to inform your strategies and achieve your business’s goals.

Audits We Offer and Their Benefits:

Content audit
We’ll check the entirety of your content for clarity of message, impact, spelling and grammar, suggesting amendments where necessary and offering professional solutions that will work with search engine optimisation processes.

• Identify problems with performance, presentation and accessibility
• Get an inventory of opportunities for new content and repurposing
• Receive a comprehensive picture of the way your content should change

Social media audit

We’ll see where and how your social media accounts are making an impact, monitor for consistency across the board and ensure your individual efforts are aiding your business goals.

• Recognise areas of success and the correct social networks for better results
• Uncover opportunities to generate leads, sales and awareness
• Establish consistent best practices for your social media operations

SEO audit
Additionally we can perform a full check on your search engine positioning, offering advice and know-how for improving visibility across the internet, much-needed in online business.

• Learn the exact health status of your site’s code and content
• Get solid data on the figures and demographics of your visitors
• Expose gaps in your outbound/inbound links, pages and strategies

User experience audit

It’s never a bad idea to know exactly how your customers are being served. This audit measures your site’s speed, capacity and ease of use for would-be visitors before we offer solutions.

• Find openings for increasing visitor engagement
• Perfect your navigational and informational architecture for ease of use
• Get detailed, incisive and objective feedback that can be actioned immediately

PPC audit
We’re all too happy to check the status and of your pay-per-click campaigns, determining areas of weakness and potential improvement to maximise your traffic and return on investment.

• Gain a thorough understanding of costs and revenues
• Get a large, objective overview of the facts and figures behind your conversions
• Receive insight into the future management of your ads and accounts

Google algorithm audit
Think you’ve been caught out by Penguin? Feeling unsure about your traffic metrics? We’ll do the due diligence on your data and see if, and where, Google’s auto-algorithms affected your business.

• Stay on top of the constantly shifting rules and maintain your search engine position
• Establish up-to-date best practices for maximising your rankings
• Determine the legitimacy of your traffic metrics and fix problems where they occur

GML Consulting is on hand to provide the magnifying glass and fine-toothed comb, fully analysing the area you determine needs checking. Ultimately, we think the benefits will speak for themselves.
Get a free quote or make any enquiries by e-mailing or by phoning 01603 227055.