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It’s New Year – Time for a Brand New Direction?


2016 emerges at last! Now that the festivities’ fog has cleared, many a business will be gearing up to make the most of the year’s opportunities. Have you considered putting a fresh face on your well-worn marketing materials? Maybe you’ve got a bright idea about how you mean to drive a new appeal to your customers. There could be numerous benefits you might reap from mixing it up visually, and GML is on hand to help.

Did you know: blog posts including graphics receive more than double the traffic of purely text-based posts? Also, a consistent brand colour palette can increase brand recognition by up to 80%! A single image can potentially convey the same message your copy text does, only in a more compact, convincing and digestible format.

• Audience not engaging? Consider a redesign to catch their attention.
• Struggling to get your message across? Seek a creative solution.
• Not hitting the right demographics? Refresh your brand & identity.

By choosing the right design service you can future-proof your company, ensure a consistent style, improve returns from marketing, bolster company morale and much, much more.

Whatever your problem might be, there’s a solution that GML Consulting will tailor to your business’ requirements. We offer everything from graphic design to full rebranding consultancy, promotional materials and bespoke, hand-drawn illustration.

Want to find out what your company might be missing out on and where?

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