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Google Plus Changes Take Your Interest


Google+ Communities on different devices
Google has completely revamped their social network Google+, focusing on what matters the most – its users’ interests. After a lot of customer feedback, they found that one of the main reasons they used Google+ was to engage and keep up with their interests, and to interact with other people who share their passions and interests… Interesting!

This is why Google have focused the Google+ updates around the Collections and Communities features, putting much more focus on them, and also completely redesigning the network, as shown below:

Google+ menu

The whole social network has been simplified, and Google has improved the mobile-friendliness, by also updating the app. I decided to give the new-look Google+ a try myself to see how it looks on desktop, and here is what I found:


Google+ Communities

With simple “join” buttons and large images, you’ve got everything right there in front of you, making it easier to discover communities and topics that interest you the most.


Google+ Collections

Collections are also very minimal and simple to use, focusing on striking imagery and clear “follow” buttons.

They have even simplified the process of sharing updates yourself:

Google+ post

All in all, the new updates to Google+ do make the social network more appealing – not in the same sense as Facebook and Twitter, but because there is so much interesting and intriguing content on there, both visual and textual. It has turned into a place for sharing what you love, and building collections to refer back to, as well as finding new things, and new interests that you’d never thought of before.

In other Google news, it has been reported from various sources that Google+ star reviews and links no longer appear on SERPs (search engine results pages), even when searching for a specific business name – unless you search, for example: “GML Consulting Google+ page”. However, the Google+ Stars are still available on Google Search and Maps, which have always been the primary way that users find business reviews. This could be because Google has been accused of favouring its own pages on SERPs, such as Google+ pages, but Google has not commented on this yet.

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