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Add Some Christmas Magic To Your PPC Campaigns (Part 3)


We’re now on to the third and final part of our special Christmas feature on taking advantage of tools and features to enhance your winter sales. If you missed our previous advice, click to see Part 1 and Part 2. For the rest of you, we’ve got some small final tips to prepare you for what’s ahead.


It’s a competitive time of year so remember to maintain a strong ROI. A lot of advertisers save all their budget to use solely on Christmas activity in the last quarter of the year. The costs for your other campaigns may also increase.

You should also keep some budget aside for Cyber Monday and Black Friday if you have any deals on offer.

Mobile and Tablet Shoppers

Make sure your site is compatible and ready to cater to the mobile and tablet shopper. In the 2014 holiday period, shopping related traffic from smartphones was up by 115% compared to the previous year. In fact, mobile shopping queries exceeded those on desktop (Source: Google).

Last year $1 Trillion – 28% of all retail sales – were influenced by shopping related mobile searches.

Text Message Remarketing

Google revealed that it is testing a new ad format this Christmas, which allows searches to subscribe to receive updates and deals via SMS text message to their mobile phones. This is done via PPC ads.

After a visitor subscribes to text message remarketing, Google will send them catered text alerts as relevant Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Holiday shopping deals are announced by advertisers. Users will have the option to unsubscribe at any time.
This is currently in testing, so watch this space for more Text Message Remarketing in 2016.

Bonus Tip: Automated Ad Rules – Santa’s Helper to the PPC Marketer

As all retailers know, it’s a quick transition from Christmas to New Year’s Sales. Shops transform for Boxing Day with Sales signs rapidly replacing the tinsel. Your web advertising also has to change, but instead of sitting down for the hard slog on Christmas Eve, you can create Automated Rules with Google. This will allow you to automate proposed changes to campaigns, so you can pause your Christmas ads automatically without even having to be in the office. Another tip is to do the same with other key dates such as end of delivery before Christmas period, perhaps switching focus to ‘Click and Collect’.

Thank you for reading. We hope you’re now feeling as prepared as can be to be the PPC Marketer your Christmas customers need. If you need any more help with your PPC this holiday season then don’t hesitate to let us know. We are all too happy to help.


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