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Add Some Christmas Magic To Your PPC Campaigns (Part 2)


Last time in Part 1 of our PPC special feature, we offered three stocking-filling tips and tricks to getting the most out of your PPC campaigns during the competitive Christmas season. In keeping with the spirit of giving, we’ve now got a few more pieces of seasonal advice for you to unwrap…

Product Listing Ads (PLAs)

Product Listing Ads are a type of PPC ad that feature images and are accessible only by ecommerce websites where purchases are completed online. They are triggered by product-related searches, and appear in the top left hand side of the paid search results page.

It is a great strategy to use these alongside your usual text ads. In doing so you can achieve an impressive presence on the search engine result pages.

A big positive to keep in mind about PLAs is that they have a low cost per click. It’s also worth noting that Google has launched a feature allowing you to remarket to your previous visitors with these ads.

More about Remarketing

On average, consumers visit at least three online stores before making a purchase (source: retailingtoday). With this in mind, Google has made it easier than ever to ensure your visitors don’t forget you when researching online.

Tactics include:

• Remarketing on the Google Display Network
• Remarketing Lists For Search Ads – Personalised Ads & Offers for people who have already visited your site
• Dynamic Remarketing – Display to your site visitors an ad with the specific product that they viewed on the site
• Customer Match – Lets advertisers like us use a list of email addresses to target specific users across Google services.

Think of all those lovely leads you have built in the year – put them to work this Christmas!

Bonus Tip for Cyber Monday and Black Friday

Google Adwords has launched structured snippets extensions to help retailers promote offers. These will be eligible to appear in ads November 20 through to November 30th.
Here are some examples from Google of how these headers and snippets might look:

• Black Friday: Stores open at 6 a.m.
• Black Friday: 25% off shoes
• Cyber Monday: 10% off sitewide
• Cyber Monday: Free shipping on £50+ orders

Sadly, we’re nearing the bottom of our big bag of gifts. However there are still a few things to learn about navigating the Christmas sales period that we’re looking forward to sharing with you. Check back soon for the third and final part of our festive PPC coverage.

In the meantime, don’t hesitate to speak with us at GML if you need help with your PPC this season.


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