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Add Some Christmas Magic To Your PPC Campaigns (Part 1)


Christmas is fast approaching, and it is the season to be jolly, jolly good at PPC.

Pay per click is one of the most popular marketing channels for drawing customers in and that is a critical mission for online retailers at this time of year. So today we will begin with three of seven top tips on how to increase your sales during the festive period.

It’s Christmas… Get New Customers, Not A Lump of Coal!

You may have been running your PPC campaign all year round and established a nice Click Through Rate, Cost Per Click and ROI. You may be thinking you’ll keep all the keywords the same over Christmas as people will be looking to buy these products for gifts.

That is all well and good, but we are here to tell you that you might be missing out on a new stream of customers who might be a perfect match for your products, but are unaware of your product or what to buy. Therefore you need to be bidding on terms such as ‘Gifts for Mum for Christmas’. According to Google, over a half of respondents are open to buying from a new retailer while Christmas shopping, and last year 41% of people did.

Why not make sure you are that new retailer they didn’t know they were looking for?

With this in mind we would suggest that you enhance your PPC activity around Christmas by creating a Christmas Campaign. We would usually recommend that you break this into a separate campaign to make it easy to manage.

In this campaign include Christmas and gift terms on your keyword list. Then create ad groups for all possible gift recipients which your product applies to. For example this could be ‘Gifts for Mum’, ‘Gifts for Teacher’ or even ‘Gifts for GML’ (worth a try!).

Other popular terms are ‘Stocking Fillers’ and ‘Personalised Gifts’.

These new terms will open up your brand to a new audience, but if you don’t add negative keywords, they could also lead to an influx of less relevant visitors. So build a thorough negative keyword list. For starters use ‘Homemade’ and ‘DIY’ which will exclude the DIYers looking to make their own Christmas gifts.

This blog post might be a little late in the Christmas game – typically people searching your Christmas terms will start in August – so get your campaign up and running as soon as possible. Please see this graph below provided by the lovely people at Google.

A graph of Christmas holiday searches

Deck the Ads with Words of Christmas

So you have your campaign, ad groups and keywords. What’s next? Well that would be your Ad text. If you don’t mention the keywords you are bidding on in your ad copy you are unlikely to get a good click though rate. This is also going to affect your quality score.

It’s not just your ‘Christmas Campaign’ that can be optimised with ‘Christmas’ themed ad copy, you can also add a line ‘Makes the Perfect Christmas Gift’ to your year round campaigns to help capture seasonal sales.

Other important components to include in your ad copy this time of year:

• Offers and Deals
• Free Shipping (if possible)
• Let your customers know how long they have to order if they want items before Xmas

Deals, offers and free shipping can be used for a limited time only to create urgency. You can use the AdWords script ‘Final Countdown’ for these, which automatically shows how long people have left before the offer/deal runs out in the form of a countdown.

For Display and Remarketing, create some fun Christmas themed images that are still related to your product.

Christmas Landing Pages

If you’re using paid search you may already know that the relevance of your landing page is key to appearing in sponsored listings.

There needs to be consistency between the message contained in the ad and the message delivered on the landing page. Also landing pages shouldn’t be too cluttered – there should be clear navigation and calls-to-action (an add-to-cart button for instance), perhaps even minimising wider site navigation to help push people through the sales journey.

Also highlight your Christmas offers and last postage date for them to receive their Christmas gifts.

We hope this helps you to feel ready, prepared and full of good cheer about the festivities around the corner. For more top tips to navigating the Christmas period, check back very soon and we will have another gift-wrapped parcel of advice ready for you.

In the meantime, do not hesitate to speak with us at GML if you need help with your PPC this season.

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