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Top 5 Christmas Campaigns


Top 5 Christmas Campaigns

It is getting to that time of year again where we sit on our sofas eagerly anticipating the Christmas campaigns soon to air on our screens. So let’s take a look at the most successful Christmas campaigns last year…


Vodfone's 2015 Christmas advert

5. Vodafone – “The Cold Never Bothered Me Anyway”

Vodafone focused their biggest ever Christmas campaign on the ‘local heroes’ working throughout the Chris
tmas period. The campaign somehow managed to integrate the workers with the Frozen song to show heart-warming Christmas cheer. In the advert you can see families and workers watching the Frozen film using Sky Films on their tablets on Vodafone 4G.

Daryl Fielding, the director of brand and marketing communications at Vodafone, said, “Like many people across Britain, joining in with the ‘let it go’ anthem inspires them and lifts their spirits.”

They also spread the Christmas cheer on social media with their own hashtag #PowerToTheFestive where people expressed how much they enjoyed the video.

Sainsbury's 2015 Christmas advert4. Sainsbury’s – “Royal British Legion”

Sainsbury’s teamed up with the Royal British Legion to retell Christmas day in 1914 – British soldiers emerged from there opposing trenches to play football and exchange gifts. The advert did really well in recreating the event and certainly touched its viewers. The statistics also showed the impact the commercial had, as in less than 24 hours the official YouTube video had scored 1.8 million hits. They sold the same chocolate bar from the commercial in store, with profits going to the Royal British Legion.

The director, Ringan Ledwidge said, “It was nerve-racking making sure the tone was right.” And added “The message is wonderful. I think people forget Christmas is about sharing”.

Coca-Cola's 2015 Christmas advert

3. Coca-Cola – “Make Someone Happy”

20% of Britons think that the appearance of the Coca-Cola advert marks the start of Christmas. As soon as we see the Christmas lorry appear on television we all take to social media to inform each other the Christmas season has now began, however, the Christmas lorry made a very brief appearance in this commercial. The commercial focuses on strangers, family and friends carrying out simple acts of kindness.

Bobby Brittain, UK marketing strategy and activation director for Coca-Cola said, “Our focus on acts of kindness remains true to the values of our open happiness global marketing campaign.”

2. Apple – “The Song”

Apple's 2015 Christmas advert

Apple created a short film telling a singular story similar to its previous creation, ‘Misunderstood’. The commercial featured a younger woman using Apple devices to record a duet with an old recording her grandmother created for her grandfather. On Christmas morning the grandmother listens to the clip on an Apple device, and is brought to tears as the granddaughter is watching and smiling in the distance.

Over the years, Apple commercials have earned an enviable reputation and their previous commercials have won Creative Arts Emmys. They didn’t disappoint last year either with their very emotional and human commercial.

Their commercial was not too salesy as well as they subtly placed their products in the advert and it felt very much focused on the story telling. They also reached out to a large target audience by showing both the granddaughter and grandmother using the technology.

1. John Lewis – “Monty the Penguin”

John Lewis's 2015 Christmas advertJohn Lewis intended to create a low key campaign, however the £7million campaign was once again one of the media’s highlights of the year. The campaign incorporated a successful TV commercial, a smartphone app (specially designed for children), a story book, soft toys, and in-store events.

The campaign also tied in to Twitter – they sent tweets to all their followers, as the Oxford Street Christmas lights (sponsored by John Lewis) were turned on in London. They kept us waiting for the campaign and released teasers up to the lead up on social media. Despite a fall in sales at its department stores over Christmas 2014, John Lewis reported a 5.8% growth in revenue in the five weeks to December 27th, thanks to a 19% increase in online sales. This compares with 2012, where their Snowman advert contributed to an overall sales increase of 44.3%.

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