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Apple iPhone 6S Event


Wednesday 9th September at 6PM the UK will be able to live stream one of the largest Apple events to date – the annual iPhone event in San Francisco. Apple fans around the world are all excited and can’t wait to find out what’s coming next from the technology giant – here’s what is predicted, according to various leaked sources and Apple bloggers such as Mark Gurman at 9to5Mac

Firstly, below is the link you can use to view the live event. The simple “Hey Siri, give us a hint” message on the landing page doesn’t give too much away, but reports have suggested that Siri will be the main navigational tool for the upgraded Apple TV – so for example, you can search for TV shows by simply asking Siri!

An Apple webpage asking Siri for a hint about the September 2015 iPhone event


iPhone 6S and 6S Plus

Upgrades on the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, the 6S will not be noticeably different design-wise; the only changes that affect design are:

• The 6S will be slightly thicker, but this will not be noticeable.
• The 6S will be made from 7000 series aluminium alloy, which has also been used on the Apple Watch earlier last year.
• The 6S will be available in a new colour – Rose Gold.

So, what else could be different?

The Cameras
One of the biggest changes for the iPhone upgrades this September could be the built in cameras – as well as much higher quality resolution for both the front and rear cameras, you will also be able to take panoramic selfies, slow-motion video support, software-based flash feature for low-light environments and a 12 megapixel shooter for the rear facing camera.

The Screen
Reports indicate that one of the major upgrades will be the introduction of Force Touch-based display. Force Touch creates 3 levels of pressure which is sensed by the iPhone, so it can apparently sense the difference between a tap, press and a deep press. Force Touch has been used on the Apple Watches, and will allow iPhone 6S users to create more shortcuts and easier navigation – which could be particularly useful for when using the Music and Map apps.

Visually, you will be able to select moving wallpapers for your lock screen – making your iPhone even more personal to you. These include animated bursting paint, koi fish and more.

Memory and Speed
The new iPhones will be fitted with the A9 processor, and 2GB of RAM. This means that you can have more web pages and apps open in the background without making your phone run any slower! They are also both fitted with a Qualcomm chip, which will increase the battery life and download speeds.

On top of all of this, other predicted announcements are a bigger iPad Air, a refreshed iPad Mini, a revamped Apple TV, Apple Watch updates/accessories, and more info on iOS 9 and watchOS 2.

Stay tuned for the next blog, where we will give you the low-down on what was revealed at the Apple iPhone event!