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Christmas Promo Gifts 2015


If you haven’t already started to prepare your business for Christmas, then you need to start now! As well as updating your website ready for the season and preparing any special Christmas offers, you need to think about what you can give your customers – especially if you are a B2B company. Christmas gifts for your clients will show how much you appreciate them, as well as getting your brand’s logo out there. Below are some ideas for this year…

Portable phone chargers, earphones, speakers, and pedometers – if you are a tech, web, sports, or any other related company, why not give your customers an on-trend, technology-related gift?

Portable phone charger with multiple portsWireless fitness tracker wristband

Office supplies
Pens, post-it notes, mouse mats, usb sticks, calendars – all things that will come in handy around the office for your clients. These are things that are used on a daily basis, so will catch a lot of people’s eyes.

GML desk calendar

Useful items
Mugs, bags, clothing, umbrellas – these are just a few ideas for useful promo gifts – people take these items out and about so your logo will be on display to the public – which means more brand recognition!

GML canvas bags

Chocolate, sweets, mints, and even bottles of drink – There’s not much to say about this – everyone loves free food! You could even put a Christmas greeting message along with your logo along the wrappers!

GML-labelled beer

For all your promotional material needs this Christmas, from designs to the finished product, please feel free to contact us on 01603 227055 or visit our contact page.

We've got Christmas all wrapped up. Bespoke promotional material suited to your brand