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Dismaland Tickets – Don’t Banksy On It


Being a Banksy fan myself and an art lover, I was so excited when I heard about the new Banksy exhibition in Weston Super-Mare, “Dismaland”. I was straight on the site to get tickets this morning, when I was presented with a “page not found” screen. I assumed immediately that it was because the site had crashed due to the amount of people trying to buy tickets – but after a few page refresh attempts I managed to get the ticket page to load. YES… I went to click on the calendar, finding the date I wanted to go, clicked on it and… NOTHING. I clicked again. and again. and again. Nothing. “Well, this is dismal” – I thought to myself. Then it clicked – just like I had done about 50 times just before on the calendar. It was dismal – I clicked on the calendar one more time, held my mouse down and dragged to the side of the calendar… this happened:

Picture of the Dismaland calendar

THE CALENDAR IS JUST AN IMAGE!!! Banksy truly stuck to his word – the whole experience is dismal, including the attempt to get tickets – in fact, it’s currently impossible!

Every page of the website is currently taking forever to load, and when it does, the pages are broken. The ironic upside down shopping trolley image adds insult to injury…

Dismaland menu with an upside-down shopping cart

Very funny, Banksy, you have impressed us yet again with your twisted humour and irony.

But the question is – will we ever be able to buy tickets?!!!

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