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Will you have wearable technology in your wardrobe this season?


Wearable technology is on the rise, with interactive watches, phones, glasses and clothing now available to purchase locally. The idea of wearing all of this technology may have once looked futuristic, but it is now adaptable to current trends. There is a huge opportunity to market in this sector, with 26 million interactive garments to be shipped in 2016 – compared to a small 0.01 million in 2013.

But why are we so interested in wearable technology?

Nicole Scherzinger in a Twitter dressWearable technology is now becoming fashionable, as the designers of the garments are cleverly incorporating batteries into buttons or clasps, making it aesthetically pleasing. The flaw in wearable technology outfits was that not many people were interested in wearing them as they were previously chunky and unflattering. However, one designer, CuteCircuit, reinvented the market for wearable clothing when bringing their models down the catwalk in March 2014. The models had the ability to customize their clothing by using iPhones – they could change colour and glow in the dark. Many celebrities have been seen with wearables, including Nicole Scherzinger, who wore a twitter dress which showed live updates streaming in 2012 – this could have a big influence on designers and future clothing lines, as well as inspiring fans to buy wearable technology.

Wearable clothing accessories have become a huge talking point in 2015. With companies like Apple releasing their Apple Watch on 24th April 2015, Fitbits first watch global campaign in the end of 2014, and Motorola’s new watch set to release this September. Most watches are able to send emails, text messages and calls – meaning people can send messages and emails on the go without having to hold their phones. It can keep people up to date constantly, wherever we are. Companies have also managed to incorporate all these things into the watch without it looking bulky or ugly.

Fitbit and smartphoneThe Apple Watch is also able to measure how active we have been throughout the day. It measures how you move, such as; walking the dog, taking the stairs, or hitting the shops. It encourages you to keep moving because every movement we make is counted. The Apple Health app is also able to show us if we need to exercise more throughout the day and how many calories we have burnt. For real fitness fanatics, the watch offers a real breakdown for your cardio workout. It shows stats like elapsed time, distance, calories, pace and speed for various activities.

So what do you think will be the next wearable technology trend?

Will we soon be able to view web pages whilst on the go on our wearable technology?

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