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What ever happened to Bebo and Myspace…?


Remember “sharing the love” or arranging your friends in order of who you liked the most/who you thought would make you look the coolest? Then you were probably a Bebo-er or a Myspace-ee. You probably spent hours after school trying to select which poorly edited photo you wanted as your “skin” (background photo), and drawing crude pictures on the “draw” feature on your friend’s page – not to mention the multiple quizzes you would set up about yourself for your friends to take – these were the true tests of friendships!

But after a while, everyone seemed to grow apart from beloved Bebo and music-central Myspace; making the transition to Facebook and Twitter. But what happened, and where are they now…?

Let’s start with Bebo…

Bebo logoBebo was founded in 2005 – yes, that’s 10 years ago! It was a social network which involved having a “Lifestream”, the equivalent to the Facebook Timeline. Features included uploading photos and videos, writing on your friend’s Lifestreams, “sharing the luv” (basically a normal wall post, but with a love heart in the corner to make you feel extra special), inbox, and various other built-in features such as quizzes and polls.

Bebo interface

In 2012 a technical problem caused the site to crash for 36 hours, resulting in many people assuming the website had been shut down; prompting the hashtag “#BeboMemories” on Twitter. Then, in 2013 it was announced that the Bebo website would be shut down whilst the owners tried to reinvent it – it was also stated that all profiles would be deleted, however blog posts and photos would be retrievable if requested. But what is happening with Bebo now?

Bebo tweet about their comeback


Significantly less dramatic than it sounds, Bebo returned this year – not as a social network, but as a messaging app for iOS and Android devices. The company now refers to itself as “a company that dreams up ideas for fun social apps”. That’s pretty much it.

Bebo app advertisement

And here’s what happened to Myspace…

Myspace was founded in 2003. The main aspect that differentiated Myspace from the other social networks was the ability for artists to upload music to their pages, allowing people to access their music; many artists broke through to the mainstream through Myspace, such as Lily Allen. Similarly to Bebo, you could select the order of your top friends; although we all remember this guy, Tom, one of the founders of Myspace – we didn’t have a choice, he was everyone’s 1st Myspace friend:

Tom from Myspace

Here is the first known copy of the Myspace website, back in 2003:

Early Myspace

When you clicked onto someone’s Myspace page, their chosen music would start blasting out of your speakers, blowing you away – literally, away from Myspace. You also needed some HTML skills to update your profile, which decreased user friendliness and made it harder to personalise your page.
In 2006 Myspace was the focus of an investigation into exposing minors to pornography, and subsequent questions into security flaws began being asked. This effected the social network dramatically.

Another reason for Myspace’s decline could be down to the layout of the website – it was very cluttered and busy, whereas Facebook took a more minimalistic approach, which many users found much easier and simpler to use.

So, where is Myspace now…?

Here’s the Myspace homepage of today:

Recent Myspace page

With the help of Justin Timberlake, who jointly purchased the company, Myspace gives you a mixture of news articles, music, personal profiles, videos and radio. You can search for music and stream it live from the site (with a number of advertisements interrupting at intervals).

At its peak in 2008, Myspace had 75.9 million active users – it now has approximately 50.6 million active users.

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