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Email Marketing: Three Simple Steps


Email marketing written in chalkEmail Marketing is by far one of the best marketing platforms out there. With an average return on investment (ROI) of over 4300% (the largest return of all mediums), businesses without a strong email marketing plan in place are missing out on a large slice of the consumer pie. But, there is no need to panic. Developing and implementing your next email marketing campaign needn’t be a chore…

• If you don’t already, why not add an email newsletter sign up option to your website? Permission is key when it comes to email marketing, with users needing to give express permission to be contacted for email marketing purposes. Users that sign up to your newsletter are more likely to want to engage with you and your business – this will improve your open rate (the number of users who open emails compared to the number of emails sent), and your click through rate (the number of users who have opened your email and clicked on one of the links taking them to your website). Don’t forget, you can also send out links to sign up to your newsletter via your social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook, to gain even more potential customers. Keep on top of your email list, remove any bounced email addresses (ones that failed to receive your email due to issues at their end), as well as anyone who has opted-out (unsubscribed), add any new email addresses (make sure to check they are valid!), and you’ll gain a high reputation for your email marketing.

• Next, once you have your list of emails to contact, you need to work out what you want to promote. Do you have a new product? A special deal or discount? Or do you just want to let people know about the latest developments in your business? Engaging and relevant content that people will want to read is important, to avoid the reader closing or deleting your email, or even worse, unsubscribing from your newsletters. In addition, you need a thought provoking subject line to encourage users to actually open your email in the first place, rather than landing you in the spam folder.

• Then, it’s onto design. Unfortunately, even though the development of websites over the years has drastically improved, email clients such as Outlook and Gmail are still very much in the dark ages. Emails must be designed to still be readable if any images do not load, so bear this in mind. We recommend emails are no wider than 600 pixels, to allow them to look the same on both desktop and mobile, as now the largest proportion of emails (45%) will be opened on a mobile phone before any other device. Read up on what features will work on every email client, as not all are designed equal, but despite this, you can still create an attractive email!

That’s it! Email Marketing in three simple steps. If you want to read more about email marketing, why not read our past blogs – The Right Message to the Right People! and Top 5 Email Marketing Tips.

However, if that makes as much sense as War and Peace in Swahili, then do not hesitate to contact our Marketing Team who are poised and ready to help with your next email marketing campaign.

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