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SEO for social networks


SEO (search engine optimisation) isn’t only applicable to your website – it is also important to take into account when updating your social media profiles. Here’s a quick guide on how you can optimise your social networks; giving you more of a presence on Google SERP’s (search engine results pages)…

Social Media Optimisation written in road markings
Followers –
Increasing your followers is crucial, whether it’s Facebook likes, Twitter followers or LinkedIn connections. For example, a company with 50 twitter followers won’t nearly receive the Google ranking benefits of a large corporation with thousands of followers. However, Google can detect the quality of your followers, meaning that buying 50,000 proxy Twitter followers isn’t going to bode well for your overall rankings. It’s best to build a following organically – this can be done through sharing relevant good quality content, following companies in the same industry (and hoping they follow back) or getting a company with a large following to Tweet you or share your content – but of course, linking to your page/website.

Growing your number of followers can be a long and slow process, but effective so long as you’re consistent. Presenting your brand consistently and uniquely, using the same voice to update your followers regularly, on a daily basis if possible. Direct customer engagement is also key here, it shows a human side to your company – this will also help to build authority for new, potential followers and also build brand loyalty.

Social media and SEO

Sharing – Think of social media as a broadcasting channel. Sharing unique and useful content will act as bait and your social channels will serve as fishing lakes, you’re putting the bait in front of the fish’s eyes. Using hashtags will make your posts visible to a wider audience, which is particularly important on Twitter and Instagram – however, in the past year hashtags have become increasing popular on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Optimise – Google tends to favour popular social media updates so it’s best to ensure that you optimise them to get the best possible advantage. This can be done in the ways listed below –

  • Strong anchor for your post – this can be done with an infographic, image, video or a link to a full detailed article. You’ll need to title it in a descriptive and accurate way. Images and videos get much more engagement than a post with no media attached.
  • When you post it you’ll need to make sure it’s targeting a specific type of search. For example, if you’re posting an article on gardening, you may want to frame it with a question such as “when is the best time to start gardening?”
  • Make it fun – humour or interesting subjects gain more engagement on social media in general.

So to summarise, if you want your company to be recognised online, post good quality and unique content, ensure the content you post is optimised for Google, with strong titles and eye catching content, and just be as active as you can – without bombarding people with tonnes of stale content or posting too often!

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