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Know The News – April


Here are our top news stories from last month – we want to ensure you ‘Know the News’. Providing you with the news so you don’t get the blues!


  • Microsoft held their event Microsoft //Build/ – we lived tweeted the goings on from the keynote speach – here’s everything you need to know about Windows 10


  • WWDC 2015 conference dates were announced (8 June – 12 June) and rumours have already started to float around about announcements they might make.
  • Apple updated their new music app – ahead of the unveiling of the company’s new streaming service

Apple store interior


  • Internet balloons are almost ready. Google’s aim is to take internet signal to areas that can’t easily get it, if at all.
  • Websites that are easier mobile friendly are now more likely to rank higher on search results than those that aren’t.
  • Google is also now a mobile network carrier – Project Fi
  • A new keyboard app for Android came out called ‘Google Handwriting Input‘ and it not only recognises words but also drawings Balloons


  • ‘Twitterstorm’ was trademarked by Twitter and in case you didn’t know, a Twitterstorm is a sudden spike in activity surrounding a certain topic on Twitter
  • Twitter changed the way you retweet – you can now add an extra 140 character comment as well as sharing the tweet Twitter on a smartphone



  • LinkedIn bought an e-learning service called Lynda in the hope of becoming more than just an online resume platform


  • YouTube celebrated their 10 year anniversary of the first ever video uploaded – ‘Me at the Zoo’
  • YouTube suggested its plans to become a subscription service for those wishing to avoid adverts Smartphone with earbuds


  • Mini has unveiled its concept for augmented-reality driving glasses – in the hope it will help people drive better
  • Karlie Kloss the super model has a passion for code and has officially launched a scholarship to teach girls how to code – #KodeWithKarlie

And of course we can’t forget our news – we enjoyed Easter despite Woody stealing all the eggs and we explained how our April Fools prank went off without a hitch – And of course who can forget how our brave MD George slayed the dragon for us on St Georges Day.

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