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Apple Worldwide Developers Conference 2015 is Almost Upon Us!


Last week it was announced that WWDC would be helped from June 8th till June 12th in San Francisco, Moscone West – the date and venue came as no surprise, the date had been spotted on the Moscone West website a few months ago – it detailed a ‘Corporate Event’ was being held for 5 days and the venue has been used for many years.

The Worldwide Developer’s Conference is a highlight of the Apple calendar and is the 26th year of the annual conference.

WWDC crowd

Tickets this year were distributed differently to years previous and it was definitely fairer. This year, potential attendees could sign up online to be put into a random lottery draw, this way everyone had a fair chance of being selected to attend – there were only 5,000 tickets on offer so the odds weren’t great but the chance was there. If picked the participants bank account would be debited $1599 = £1082 and they would be able to attend the 5 day conference. It may seem like a steep price to pay but for those who get to go there is an infinite amount of learning to be had and the chance to say ‘I attended WWDC 2015’ and what developer wouldn’t want that? (Unless perhaps if you worked for Android).

WWDC 2015 logo

There has already been rumours flying around about what could potentially happen at this year’s WWDC, however before all that, here’s what has been confirmed so far – there will be 100’s of technical sessions to attend, over 1,000 Apple engineers, hands on labs and of course the Apple Design Awards where best new apps are awarded.

So, the rumours – they have mostly stemmed from this year’s invite, shown below – the centre of the image looks suspiciously like the shape of the Apple TV – so it looks likely there’s an update upon us. Also, looking at the invite you can see the outline of what looks like the Apple Watch…but can there really be changes already?

Apple TV

Another rumour is that iOS 9 could be released, however what’s not expected is a new iPad or iPhone, especially if past experiences are anything to go by, but you never know – Apple do love to surprise their customers!