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Google+ is still a social network but not as we knew it!


Google headquartersAdd Google Hangouts to Google Photos, and what do you have? A social network, right? Or at least that’s what Google thought.

After almost 4 years, Google has conceded and have finally realised a re-jig of Google+ is necessary. Google+ is yet to confirm that it shall be no more, however they have said that Google+ will be dramatically changing.

Two things that were once features of Google+, Photos and Streams, will soon be two distinct products within their own right.

Social networking is bigger than it ever was before, and since its move to mobile it seems networking products have split into two categories; messaging and photos – e.g. Facebook and Facebook Messenger, Twitter and Instagram etc. Facebook were the first of many to see and understand that all we want can’t be found in one social interaction, and trying to cram everything we want into one product doesn’t make sense, and Google seem to be realising this too.

Google+ logo

Google+ worked for its purpose; to help make our social experiences more consistent over different platforms; YouTube, email, blogging etc. It helped Google put targeted adverts in our paths, however it’s time for change and they have seen this.

The future for Google+ is unclear, however some are saying we will soon see its demise, but if we are listening to those that work on Google+ such as Bradley Horowitz (Google VP) it’s still alive, kicking and ready for change.

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