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We’ve compared the Meerkat and Periscope!


Two live streaming video apps, both link users via Twitter, both launched within days of each other and both currently only available on iOS – sounds like a bit of a nightmare!A Meerkat vs Periscope video

There has been a lot of speculation on which the crowd will flock to however so far it seems to be fairly equal.

Periscope has already caught up to Meerkat on Twitter in just 24 hours – 23,693 tweets linking to Periscope and Meerkat has had 24,029 links.

The Meerkat and Periscope logos

So where did they both come from? Meerkat was bought in 2012 and recently raised funding from Silicon Valley venture capitalists and debuted at SXSW festival earlier this year.

Periscope was co-founded and launched over a year ago and was recently bought by Twitter earlier this year for a reported $100m.

The simple differences? Periscope has Twitter backing and supporting them whereas Meerkat has been prevented from showing which of their user’s followers are using Meerkat. Meerkat has nevertheless found its ways around this, however as far as we can see this is still a key difference. Another is that Periscope saves your live feed video for a total of 24 hours (similar to a Snapchat stories), whereas Meerkat’s is deleted once the stream has finished however users can save it to their phones camera roll if they wish to.

So there you have it – download either; there’s very little in it currently…however, the race to extend it to Android is well and truly on! Check out our video on how to use both the apps to help you make your mind up – if you haven’t already.

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