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4 Colours Over There – GML Does April Fools 2015


The idea came to us in a marketing brainstorm; we wanted it to be unique, fun, but most of all slightly believable…and what’s more believable than GML releasing a video, right?Screenshot of GML's April Fools YouTube video

So it began, co-creator Gemma wrote the lyrics and sent them to the team, some staff took a little more persuading than others, but they all got in the spirit of things once they heard it! We picked the song because of our multi-coloured logo as we all agreed it was rather fitting.

We filmed each segment individually so had very little idea how it would all turn out…one of the co-creators, Millie, sat for hours compiling the video, running into several issues on her way with editing equipment, but a workman does always blame his tools.

Tweets about the video

The email shot was written and prepped for Wednesday 1st April – before 12pm of course!

The response was great with our clients and the amount of views on YouTube showed the scale it reached. We are incredibly pleased with the results and feedback we’ve received, and have already started scheming for next year’s prank – “what will it be?” we hear you all call – now that would be telling, but we will say this – “We always strive for the best, so watch this space”.

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I’m afraid we aren’t actually now offering music video’s, however if you’d like to talk and find out more about what we do offer, you can call us on 01603 508066 or email – we’d love to hear from you!

Staff members with the caption 'April Fools. We hope you enjoyed the video'