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#AppleWatch – funniest reactions


There were a lot of mixed reviews on the long awaited release of the Apple Watch, however they were vastly mocking the release. See below for some of the best Twitter reactions!

Some used the event to be political:

Tweet by Iain Kevan Morris: Does the Apple Watch keep track of how long Apple Live have gone without paying tax in the US?

Some decided to take it literally:

Tweet with a picture of an apple stuck to wrist strap from Hudderfield 4 U: Queued for 8 minutes this morning in Asda for my new Apple Watch

Some started inventing their own:

Tweet with a picture of an iPhone stuck to wrist strap from My Lyrical Mind: Just got my new Apple Watch

Some questioned its logistics:

Tweet with a picture of the Apple Watch display next to a photo of a man squinting at a tiny piece of paper from Russian Market and a Tweet from Adam Dyster asking if the Apple Watch will have a dual core processor along with a picture of two apple cores

Some believed the price was a little difficult to swallow:

Tweet from Baz Lyons: I wouldn't spend €10,000 on an Apple Watch. I can't imagine needing to know the time that badly

And some were just purely funny:

Tweet from Patty Mo: If I wanted to spend $10,000 on something that'll be obsolete in 3 years, I'd buy an engagement ring

All joking aside, the apple watch was long awaited and then largely slated due to its high price and its impracticality to some, however will people want to take a bite of the action despite the criticism? The first Apple Watches will be on sale in Apple Stores on 24th April so we will soon know whether they are a success or not.

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