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The BBC has called 2015 – The Year of Code


A recent survey carried out by the BBC shows that schools around the country are now encouraging children to start exploring the world of science, technology, engineering and maths. The survey showed that 53% of children interviewed said they’d used digital technology to make computer games and 46% used it for apps. After school clubs teaching these skills, such as ‘coding club’ are now also becoming more and more popular amongst children. Organisations such as ‘Coder Dojo’ are behind some of the after school clubs. They believe this more informal way of learning will encourage children to study due to it being a less pressured environment than school.

Child in front of a blackboard, which has 'I love learning' written in chalk

A government ran overhaul of the way digital skills and computing is taught in schools has put coding software ‘Scratch’ into classrooms as standard practise. So along with Microsoft word and PowerPoint children will also have access to coding software should they wish to learn.

Barclays have started an initiative called ‘Code Playground’, where children can attend free monthly sessions in branches across the UK, to learn how to code. Find out more here

Vodafone are also carrying out a project with the aim to get children and parents helping each other learn digital skills together.

So it’s looking like the next generation are going to be pro-coders in no time – better give them a GML business card soon!

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