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Twitter to show in Google results but what will this mean for SEO?


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Google and Twitter have reached an agreement that means tweets will soon show up in Google search results. Google has been given access to Twitters firehose (full feed of all public tweets). This is likely to be seen as early as the first half of this year – so watch this space.

But, why? Twitter chief exec is saying they want those not using Twitter to see them and due to the vast amount of distribution tweets will now receive the aim as it will get more people using it, it’s advertising for Twitter, on a huge scale!

It may seem like all of the benefits are with Twitter in mind, however Google will be getting their fair share of benefits out of this new collaboration – it’s been suggested by some that Google results will be considerably improved through the access of real-time information and wider content results.

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But what will this mean for SEO? Will marketers have to start looking at how SEO friendly their Twitter content is? Will Google analytics change to accommodate for tweets? All questions which are yet to be answered but we will for sure be keeping our eyes peeled.

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