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The next generation


Vine has created a child friendly version on their very popular web application called ‘Vine Kids’. It was created in ‘Hack Week’ by two engineers. Hack Week is used to promote innovation through experimentation in companies – and clearly it worked! The content is strictly controlled and instead of having to follow users, kids can simply swipe from video to video.

Child using a smartphone

The app is now available from the App Store and a perfect distraction for bored kids, but Vine are supposedly not the one with this idea; YouTube currently has rumours circulating that they too will be creating a child friendly version for children 10 years and under. Google recently purchased ‘Launchpad Toys’ a firm who’s two platforms allows children to create and share content safely – this, of course, further fuelled the rumour mill. YouTube have currently refused to comment on the speculation, but their surveys asking users about their interest in YouTube Kids suggests otherwise.

So, what do you think, will we be seeing YouTube for Kids? And what will we be seeing next – Facebook for kids? (Well, they’ve made it for ‘work’)

And as the saying goes, “the children are our future” and it’s never too early for them to learn the joys of the internet.

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