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Marketing Questions – Answered!


This week we asked Google what you’ve all been asking about marketing and here is what we found…

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How marketing strategy is developed?

A marketing strategy will begin with some in depth research into the market (existing and potential customers), competitors and company analysis. This will form the basis of a report including suggestion on the most effective marketing techniques to employ. You’ll need to come up with a unique selling point that will separate you from your competition.

You then need to choose a method of communication whether that be social media, email shots, etc and integrate that into your marketing plan. Your marketing plan should include information on how you’ll execute your strategy, the amount of budget you have allocated to implement your plan and a timescale of when you intend to implement said plans.

How marketing has changed?

It is not enough to simply use marketing tools you’ve been using; it’s now important to be on trend and following the cutting edge marketing techniques that are being created and pioneered – keeping up to date will show you have vast knowledge of the field.

Social media has changed the way businesses think about their marketing. It’s an important tool that should not be overlooked. Social media is also predominantly free and therefore a cost effective technique if used correctly.

Even the four key P’s of marketing have supposedly changed to the four E’s – experience, everyplace, exchange and evangelism.

How marketing works?

Marketing works by creating a campaign that is memorable, builds a relationship with customers and maintains them, creating an element of trust and thus brand loyalty. It’s any actual or potential communication a company has with it public. This may be via their website, social media platforms, posters etc. How it works is complicated as it’s all about what works for each individual business – what works for one company may not work for another.

How marketing helps a business?

– Helps get the word out about the business

– Can increase sales/footfall/grow a customer base

– Builds brand name and recognition

– Build a more personal relationship with customers

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