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Predicted marketing trends of 2015


We have once again been searching the internet high and low to bring you the top marketing trend predictions of 2015.Arrow signs pointing 2014 and 2015 to different directions


This blog will explain the top 7 marketing trends predicted to appear in the coming months of 2015.

Search engines have changed algorithms continually over the years, and will continue to do so in 2015. The predictions are that the updates will make SEO a more complicated task. This will force businesses to think more about their website content and how they can alter it to work for the changes. One of the changes that have been predicted is that the importance of keywords will shift to ROI metrics. However keywords will still be used and they too are likely to change, they will be more specific and precise – this targets particular buyers which are more inclined to purchase. One of the most important changes that must be recognised is that user-friendly websites will rank high on search engines. Previously, marketing professionals would modify websites to the algorithms of SEO at the expense of users – this will have to change.

Social media is a hugely important marketing tool for any company; it’s a great place to redirect people to your website, blogs, specific products etc. If used successfully, social media can underpin a company’s blog. It’s been foreseen that more businesses will see the ever increasing value in social media and start to allocate larger budgets to building up their presence.

There are already a lot of marketing tools that can be used for free, such as Google Analytics (which shows how a website is performing) and many more. This has been predicted to continue into 2015 with more offering their services for free (if only for a limited time). The idea behind this comes from those behind the tools, they have realised that if the companies currently can’t afford the tools, once they grow they will be able to – it’s a long term investment on their part.

A bar graph with different years labeled, but with a question mark instead of a bar for 2015To use marketing most effectively a campaign/idea must be creative and unique to stand out from the rest, specifically competitors. It’s been predicted this idea will be supported with the tactic of targeting more focused groups. It’s about creating the correct content that will speak to that group most effectively.

It’s no secret that image driven content often receives more interaction than text alone and a prediction of 2015 is that this will move on one step further – 2014 saw a surge of video’s being used more by the general public with apps such as Flipagram and Vine. It’s been predicted that 2015 will see more use of video’s by businesses on social media. YouTube is the second largest search engine – this trend could develop rapidly.

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