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Predicted web design trends of 2015


This blog will explain in detail the trends that have been predicted to appear this year around web design and development.

Trends for 2015

A popular trend that appeared at the end of 2014 and is looking to continue into 2015 is the use of scrolling pages, rather than linking to content – this is partly due to the increased use of mobile devices. On a mobile device, scrolling is considered easier than clicking links to find information required.

For any website, content is key, and if it can be related to by the consumer, it has more of a chance to be effective. Telling a story to the user is a trend for 2015 that has recently been recognised. Designs are also becoming more interactive and animated, as it is considered a better way to deliver content due to it being more interesting and engaging.

Removing all non-essential elements – this is the idea that creating websites that are less image-heavy and colour-heavy, are more likely to stand out. The simpler the design, the more effective it can be. In 2015 it’s been foreseen that designers will be looking for ways to simplify the design process.

Websites most recently had images that would fit the full width of a browser page. Previous to this, sites were mostly fixed-width. This is now coming back into ‘fashion’ so instead of images stretching to the size of the webpage, sites have a max-width to keep content centred. Many believe it creates focus on the content.

More businesses are opting to use images specifically created by professional photographers for use on their websites, rather than using stock images from websites such as Shutterstock. It makes the design more unique, eye catching and personal.

Responsive web design has been important for a number of years now; however, with the increased use of smartphones and tablets, there is an even greater demand for responsive design – ensuring the website is consistently great on all devices, and not solely on the original device. Find out more on our previous blog about RWD.

Typography has always been a crucial design element – However, it’s been predicted that headings will be getting bigger – this draws the eye in and makes a statement.

Finally, designs now have to take into consideration loading speeds; therefore it’s important to look at file size for the sites as this can affect loading speed. The idea of making a website load quickly despite limited network speed, is something that is likely to affect design plans and therefore alter websites in the coming year. You also need to make sure that you have a secure and reliable hosting solution for your website, which optimises your website’s speed.

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