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Responsive web design – THE design trend


Graphics on various devices with the title 'responsive web design'

Responsive web design has been coined as THE design trend and its popularity shows no signs of change, and nor should it.

In simple terms, a responsive website is a website that can adapt to fit any sized screen, whether it is a tablet, computer screen or mobile device.

Responsive websites are different to mobile websites. A responsive website is the same website that adapts to each screen, and mobile websites are separate websites specially designed for mobile.

Consumers viewing content over a variety of devices is a growing trend and should be carefully considered by companies looking to stay ahead. There are two key reasons and advantages to having a responsive website. One is, why go to all the effort of creating a beautifully functioning website, and then have it fall at its formatting on various devices? Secondly, a user doesn’t want to have difficulty navigating the website, as this could mean the content isn’t effectively delivered to the user.

An advantage of a mobile website is that it can create a unique experience for mobile users. Also, mobile websites can be altered to accommodate for limited download speeds, reducing loading time. A mobile website can also make a company stand out as contemporary and thoughtful.

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