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Branding Questions – Answered!


This week we asked Google what you’ve all been asking about branding. Here were the results…

Google auto-complete from the query 'how branding'

We saved you the bother of trawling through the results pages, and have answered them ourselves…

1. How is branding used in two businesses?

If you have a sister company which is directly related to your original business, it is important to unify your brand so that the two businesses are clearly connected. Take GML for example; we have a sister company called GML Technology, which deals with technical support and services (the majority of our clients use this company).

GML Technology uses the same logo principle, but using purple as the main colour. This purple is not included on our main GML Consulting logo, or the colours that represent the different services we provide. See the below comparison of the GML Consulting and Technology logos, taken from the footer of the GML Technology website…

Footer of the GML Technology website

Another factor to consider is the font used for your brand. It is good to keep this consistent over two sister companies, unless there is a particular reason to keep them different. Also, think about the “voice” of your businesses – is the marketing material that you post, such as blog posts, written in a similar style? For example, if your business writes in a very corporate fashion, you wouldn’t necessarily expect your sister company to write in a relaxed, colloquial fashion.

Consistency is key here, from logo, to textual content, and everything in between. Recognise the main differences of your companies, emphasise these, but don’t forget to remember the route core of your branding and your principles throughout.

2. How branding works?

Think of branding as telling a story – firstly, you need to have a plot; what is your business, what are its aims, how are you going to keep your audience hooked and wanting more? When you are clear on your aims or “plot”, your main character (your brand) needs a name! Naming your business can be one of the trickiest parts when starting up – you can use your initials, come up with a name related to the product or services you provide, or a more abstract, attention-grabbing name – it all depends on which plot you have chosen to take.

Next, you need to build your brands image – how are you going to layout your story, what imagery are you going to conjure up for your audience, what pictures are you going to include, if any, and how will the front cover of your novel look? Design a quality logo, which makes a striking impact, and conveys your story (business) best as possible. This article has some great explanations of brands and their logos – see below for one example:

Analysis of the BMW logo

As well as your logo, you need to use a typeface or font, suited to your brand, and set yourself rules for the different types of media you may use, such as different design considerations you may need for print material, and web material.

Next, you need to tell your story – show your audience what you do, how you do it, and why you do it best. Be consistent in the style of writing you use, keep your “voice” the same throughout any marketing material you produce.

Continue to develop your plot and tell your story, keeping your audience hooked and always leave them wanting more… You can always change your plot along the way before publishing it, and when it’s time for a new novel, you can always give your brand a refresh and go in a new direction!

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