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Social Media Questions – Answered!


This week we Googled your most common social media related questions from a business perspective – here are the results…

Google auto-complete queries from the phrase 'why is social media'

Top 5 reasons why social media is important:

1. Increased brand recognition – being seen in more places will implant your brand in consumers minds.

2. Brand authority – When consumers need something, they are likely to go for a brand they feel they can trust as their source of information. Maintaining this trust increases brand authority. One way to do this is via customer ratings on Facebook where you can rate the quality of the company.

3. Better SEO – search engine optimisation is the procedure of affecting the visibility of a website within a search engine search.

4. Drive customer engagement – if the content created is engaging customers will be more likely to respond and then build a rapport with the consumer. They will also feel heard and appreciated.

5. Competitive advantage – if you use your social media to it’s full capability you can create a presence that your competitors might not have.

Top 5 reasons why social media is good:

1. Top source for news and current events – many news broadcasters have social media profiles where they will post news headlines. Twitter is a great source of news.

2. Place to connect and communicate with people – Facebook and such like social media platforms are a good place to connect with other businesses, engage with existing/potential clients and also employees.

3. People can express themselves freely – there is places on social media for feedback/ratings/recommendations where consumers can convey their opinions.

4. Analytics monitoring – you can use analytics to monitor how well your content is doing, how well people are interacting with it which will therefore make it easier to tailor information specifically for your consumers.

5. It’s free – unless using paid for ads.

Top 5 reasons why social media is bad:

1. Information can be spread that is unreliable or false – such as information about your merchandise being incorrect/the reliability of your products/information on your employees etc.

2. Lacks privacy – you can present lots of information about yourself on social media and this could become dangerous if not used with care.

3. Encourages less face to face communication – this could be seen as impersonal to some consumers who still appreciate face to face communication.

4. Many consider it as being a waste of time – it’s very time consuming to create a consistent social media presence. It may also take a while to build up a following before it seems worth while.

5. People get addicted to social media sites – this could mean other areas of the buisness could be neglected such as updating website content.

Top 5 reasons why social media is important for business:

1. Can help you grow your business – it can be used to attract more customers, to promote offers, reach a different demographic and much more.

2. 71% of business owners are using social media for brand awareness

3. Social media can also be a great place to form a relationship with employees

4. Gives your business a personal edge – you can share images of employees, post thoughts and ideas, allowing a consumer to feel like they know more about your business.

5. Increases brand loyalty – a social media presence will help customers identify with your brand and in turn they might choose you over competitors.

Social media is important for many reasons; many are listed above – however, due to the negative connotations that have been known to surround social media, it’s important to use it carefully and follow appropriate protocol, especially when using it to enhance a business presence.

The main thing to remember when using social media is to always be conscious of what you are posting, and the potential negative ramifications of what could occur from that post. For example; if it is a particularly opinionated post, some people are likely to disagree with said opinion and potentially challenge you on this – you may want to avoid this sort of attention.

Social media can however be an incredibly effective way to spread key messages, enhance customer satisfaction and help grow your business. It’s also a cost effective technique which has the potential to reach many users. Use it correctly and it will be one of the best tools you use.

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