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#FacebookDown September 2014


Worldwide outrage as Facebook went down for a grand total of 18 minutes this week, leaving its users unable to post pictures of their child’s first day back at school, giving us a break from those Ice Bucket Challenge videos, and reportedly losing Facebook a total of half a million dollars!

Here are some of the best Twitter reactions we found! –

Tweet from OMGFacts: Facebook is down for most of the world, workplace productivity is at an all-time high

Tweet from Jarrett Bellini: But who is going to crush the candy? But who is going to crush the candy?

Tweet from Future Boy: Facebook down, day 3. Holed up withh canned goods. Streets filled with dazed people carrying pictures, begging you to like them

People even called the police to report that Facebook was down…

Tweet from Sgt. Brink: Facebook is not a law enforcement issue, please don't call us about it being down. We don't know when FB will be back up


Jokes aside, what does this tell us about the power of social media…? – It is an essential media platform to use in the modern age, that can’t be ignored. This also shows how important it is to have a securely hosted website; minimising the risk of it going down and losing you money!

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