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Pay per click advertising – in’s and out’s


Have you considered using Adwords, Bing or Facebook pay per click advertising for your business? Or, have you tried it with little success? For those unsure what Pay Per Click (or PPC as it is widely known as), this is an instant way of advertising your products and services on a search engine such as Google, where you only pay if someone clicks on your advert. The amount you pay can be set at a certain level, meaning you control how much you will spend; this can be a very effective way of advertising your business and benefits from having instant results. A well planned campaign can achieve a great deal. But… you can also waste a lot of money and time trying.


Pay Per Click benefits:


Achieve instant results

  • Adverts appear within minutes of setting up

Target adverts to your clients by

  • Locations
  • Time of day
  • Day of the week

Control your budget & advertising dates

  • Set daily budget
  • Set campaign start and finish dates

PPC pitfalls:


It takes time…

  • To learn
  • To continually monitor

If you don’t monitor

  • Money will be wasted
  • The quality of your campaigns with be low
  • Google will charge a low performing campaign more money per click

Your website needs to be relevant to your advertising

  • You may not have the resources to do this yourself
  • It may cost you to amend
  • If the website is not relevant your advertising will cost you more
  • You need calls to action on the site

Do it yourself or engage an agency?


PPC is open to any person or business to do, so if you are a ‘have a go’ type of person or business then this type of advertising is there for you to utilise. Maybe you think using an agency such as GML Consulting would be expensive? You would be surprised at how the small administration cost out-weighs the possibility of a poor performing campaign losing you money.

Many accounts we have seen may look like they are performing well as there are plenty of clicks through to the website. But are they your customers? Was your website what they are looking for? The key here is relevancy and quality scores. If your adverts, keywords and website are not relevant then you will be burning money, your phone will not be ringing with orders and you will be wasting your money.

The process:


9 step PPC process

Every process in setting up a high performing account is equally important

Keyword research

  • Using Google and other tools available

Advert creation

  • Making sure your advert text contains relevant keywords

Landing page development

  • Your website page should have relevant text content
  • Obvious calls to action

Account set up

  • Setting up your billing information
  • Applying your budget and cost per click

Tracking and testing

  • Adding tracking code to your website to measure success

Campaign launch

  • Includes adding all the advert extensions – more on this in next blog

Monitor performance

  • Check keywords for quality scores
  • Check adverts position
  • Check click through ratio, CTR

Campaign assessment

  • Are you achieving your goal?
  • Are you converting the leads?

Analysis and feedback

  • What are the results?
  • What is your cost per conversion

GML offer solutions for PPC tailored to your business, in a method to suit you, with fully managed campaigns, initial campaign set up plus hand holding, or training at your premises to get you going. So if you would like any information on the above to get your phone ringing, give us a call
on 01603 508066 or email