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Apple iOS 8 – Everything you must know!


5 iPhones showing the desktop and different appsAt the much anticipated annual Apple Worldwide Developers Conference yesterday, Apple introduced us to the new version of iOS – iOS 8. But what does it mean for you as an iPhone or iPad user, and what are the new main features?

Photos & Videos

It will now be easier to store, edit, and share photos on your device, thanks to the new Photos app and iCloud Photo Library. The new Photos app allows you to search for specific photos by location, time, date, or album name – making it easier than ever to find that special photo. There is also a feature which gives you smart suggestions based on your search history – so even less tapping is needed!

It will also be much easier to edit photos, with loads of new features, including; smart composition and adjustments, photo filters, and editing tools. Even after you take a photo, you can automatically straighten and crop it. You can change the lighting, exposure, contrast, and much more, giving you more control over photo editing – as well as many Apple-designed filters that you can apply to your photos.

With the growing popularity and demand for video, Apple has developed a new mode for Camera – “Time-lapse videos.” This allows you to set up your device to take photos at selected intervals; showing a sped-up sequence of photos over time.


iOS 8 has a new microphone button within the Messages app, which enables you to send voice recordings, whether it be a song, your voice, or pretty much any other sound – all with just the swipe of a finger. It is also much easier to send videos through Messages – almost at the same time as you are actually seeing them!

You can also choose to view every attachment from a conversation thread, without having to scroll through loads of messages in between. Plus, you can now send multiple photos and/or videos at once to a contact.

There are new features which allow you to take more control over group messages, including the ability to create and name group conversations, add the people you want, drop the people you don’t want, leave conversations, and more. You can also share your location to people in a conversation, in the form of a map – and add how long you will be at that location for.

The Overall Design

New interactive notifications allow you to reply to texts, emails, reminders, app messages such as Facebook, and much more – all from the new notification banners. This means you don’t even have to exit the app you are already in to respond to alerts.

When you double tap the Home button, you will see a new feature – it will display the most recent people you have communicated with, and with a swipe to the left, you can view your favourite contacts – meaning that your contacts are just one tap away.

Another feature of iOS 8 is that you can now simply swipe an email and select what you want to do with it (mark it as unread, delete, flag, add to calendar, and much more.) The Mail app will now also notice when you have a reservation, confirmation, or phone number in an email – so it’s just one tap to add something to your calendar or a number to your phone contacts.

iOS 8 now brings Safari features to iPads – allowing you to view all of your open web pages, and a new side bar that you can slide to see your bookmarks, shared links, or reading list.


The iOS 8 keyboard is the most advanced to date – it can predict what you are going to say next based on your previous conversations, unique style of writing, and who you are communicating with. This feature will be available in 14 different countries! On top of this, you can also choose to swipe rather than type when using third party apps.

Sharing with your Family

Family Sharing allows you to share downloads from App Store, iTunes and iBooks , without the need to share accounts – providing the same credit card is used over all accounts. This makes it easier to share photos, music, calendar appointments, and gives parents more control over their children’s spending on their device by using “Ask to Buy”- and much more. There is a family photo stream, where you can all contribute to family albums. You can also share your location with your family, and see where your family members are too – you can turn this off with just one tap. You can track your family’s devices if they get lost with the Find My iPhone app, and even make the device play a sound to help find you to find it!

iCloud Drive

A big rival of DropBox, the iCloud Drive enables you to save all of your documents and images in iCloud and access them from your multiple Apple devices, as well as from a PC. You can drag files over to the iCloud Drive, create new documents from an iCloud-enabled app, and edit documents on one device, which will appear on all of your devices. Plus, you can edit the same documents across multiple apps.

An “Apple” a day keeps the Doctor away?

Apple’s new “Health” app helps you to keep all of your fitness and health information in one place, making it much easier to read and review. It allows you to share information across your other health-related apps, measure your heart rate, blood sugar, calories burned, and much more – you can also create a medical card which can be used in emergencies, which can display your blood type, allergies, medication, and medical notes.

There are many more new features of iOS 8, including enhanced connectivity between Apple products, enhancements to “Spotlight“, new tools and abilities for web developers (bringing you innovative and exciting new 3rd party apps in the future), increased functionality and new features for to help with business, and much more! Click here to find out more – Apple iOS 8

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