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GML Office Refurbishment Latest News…


GML office interior
Our office refurbishment is deep underway; we’ve bashed walls down, created new ones, plastered, painted, torn out carpets, laid new ones – the list goes on! But we are finally starting to see some results. As you can see from the photo to the left, we’ve really started to put our GML stamp on the building. Using the vibrant, bright colours from our logo, we have added stripes of colour to our new meeting room, a modern glass wall and door, and have splashed colour in each of our other rooms – coordinating with matching chairs and furniture. There is still a long way to go, but we are hopeful that the refurbishment will be completed in the near future, and we can’t wait to show you around!

As well as our offices, we have revamped our website, with a new blog page, Twitter feed, and much more. Check it out here –