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Put a Sock in it with Twitter’s New Mute Button


Mouth with a zip on it

Sick of having to see endless annoying Tweets from people you don’t particularly like, but feel obliged to follow? Or is someone constantly Tweeting about an event that you have no interest in, and you wish there was a way to just block them out without them even realising? Well now you can, thanks to Twitter’s new mute button

The mute button allows you to block a particular user’s Tweets and Retweets from showing up on your Twitter feed – without the user even suspecting a thing! To mute someone, you can either tap “more” on their post and then “mute @username” or go on their profile, tap the little gear icon and click “mute @username”… and it’s just as simple to un-mute them too.

Thanks @Twitter. No more #annoying #tweets…