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Making the Most of Your Website?


Struggling to come up with ideas for your website, beyond a homepage? Here are some great web page ideas to include on your site…

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An “About” page is a great idea to help connect on a personal level with your audience, as well as providing them with the key information they need about your business. You can include a brief history of your company and what services/products you offer – if you’d like to add more of a personal touch, you can add a “Meet the Team” section, introducing your key members of staff with their photos, and either Q’s and A’s or a small bio. Introducing your staff can help your audience to connect to your business on a more personal level. Another good element to include are any charities that your business works with or sponsors – this will not only boost awareness for your charities, but will also show your audience that you care, and will increase your reputation in the community.


You can either have different pages for different products or services you offer, or include them all one page… You can include all the relevant information – think about what your customers will want to know – product/service details and specifications, pricing, and what makes your products/services stand out from the rest. Emphasise your unique selling point!


A “Gallery” page is great for showcasing your work, business location, events, or anything else relevant to your business. People are more likely to pay attention to the content they are viewing if it is an image or video, rather than clumps of writing.

A word cloud of web development termsCase Studies/Portfolio

Like a gallery, case studies/portfolios of your work can give your audience a better idea of what your business is all about – and the quality of your work. Get permission from previous or current clients and include images of work you have done for them, a brief description, and any quotes or testimonials from the client. This validates the trust people have in your brand. A collection of images of your work can really show off your talent and put you a step ahead of your competitors.


A contact page is essential – you could have the best content on your website, but without any way for people to contact you, this will all be in vein. You can either list the methods of contact e.g. your email address, phone number, or address, or you can build a contact form for customers to enter their details into – this method means that you can start to build a database of customer contacts.

You can also include links to; sister companies, companies you work with, and most importantly – links to your company’s social media pages.


A “News” or “Blog” page can help in various ways; it keeps your site updated with new content, can improve your SEO if done correctly, and keeps your customers up to date with your company’s latest progress and exciting news. Always feed any news or blog posts to your social media pages – this will make your content available to a much wider audience and can help generate more clicks through to your website. You can also reverse this process and have a Facebook or Twitter feed added to your site, which will encourage more people to view your social media pages – all good link building!

Remember to update your website regularly, only link to trustworthy websites, include calls to action, and original, quality content. Also, remember to make sure your website works across all internet browsers and different devices!

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