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Live Tweeting


A ball made of hashtags with the words 'trending topics' on the front
The best way to define Live Tweeting is; posting on Twitter during an event or project in an ongoing way.

If your company is either; attending, hosting, or involved in an event, or you are embarking on a new, exciting project, then one of the best ways to share this with your audience is by Live Tweeting.

Live Tweeting Tips:

#Hash Tags

Using hash tags allows you to create a way to monitor posts about the specific event or project you are involved in – people can search the hash tag and find your Tweets, and you can find out what others are Tweeting about the event/project. This is a great way to get people involved in your brand and monitor feedback at the same time – if you use a hash tag which is trending on Twitter, you will receive a much wider audience!

“Join us at the #WeddingShow” or “This is the latest news on our #OfficeRefurbishment”


It’s a good idea to get quotes from people either; speaking at an event or conference, or from a manager of a project, to keep your audience up to date on the progress of your topic. This adds a personal touch and is a simple idea for a post – It is important not to over complicate on Twitter because of the character limit, so clear and concise posting is essential.


People want to visualise what you are Tweeting about – to help you do this, you can post photos and/or videos. It is easy to post photos straight through to Twitter, and you can also post videos straight to your Twitter feed with the use of Twitter’s Vine App. Post photos and videos relevant to your topic, e.g. if you are at a business exhibition, then you can post photos or videos of your stand, or if you are having an office refurbishment, you can post photos/videos of the progress at different stages.

2 cartoon smartphones having fun with birds sitting on top of them#Stay in the Moment

You have to anticipate and predict change during live events/projects; always stay in the moment and be ready to Tweet any important updates as and when they occur. This is the key to live Tweeting – it’s live and your audience are trusting you to deliver the most up to date information and exciting news!

#Audience Interactions

People may Retweet your posts or mention your topic in a post – it’s always a good idea to reply or Retweet, to acknowledge your audience and keep the posts flowing.

#Don’t Spam!

It is tempting to go overboard with Live Tweets – make sure you don’t over populate by posting too often. Just post when you feel it is relevant, and only post things if your audience will be interested – no one wants to log in and see their news feed clogged up with lots of the same thing!

#Follow Up

Always follow up after an event or project, so you can share the outcome with your audience. This can be done via a blog post, a Tweet, or a Facebook post (if you have also been sharing your live tweets to Facebook).


“The fundraising event went really well, we managed to raise £2000” or “The office refurbishment is now complete, it looks great!”

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