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I heard it through a Great Vine…


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…Cringe-worthy puns aside, there is no denying that video is the future of content marketing – research has shown that by 2017, 69% of all customer internet traffic will be accounted for by video… and on-demand video traffic alone will have trebled… AND according to recent findings, 64% of marketers expect video to dominate their strategies in the near future!

With more than twenty million people in the UK tuning into videos weekly, this really is a huge marketing medium that you have to take advantage of. For any social media campaign, videos are one of the best mediums to use – if a picture paints a thousand words, a video can paint a thousand more.

If you try and think of a memorable ad campaign from over the years, the chances are that it will be a video campaign… you’re thinking of the Cadbury “Phil Collins” Gorilla, or Compare the “Meerkat”, right?

But the use of video isn’t just for large corporate companies – it can also be a great way to help market your small business!

Twitter’s Vine app is perfect for small businesses – it’s free, and the only things you need are a recording device (which are built in to most smart phones) and some creativity! Vine’s videos are six seconds long, which means your audience won’t get bored, and only the most relevant, interesting information is passed on! The app also allows you to start and stop recording as you wish, so you can fit lots of different scenes.

Important things to consider before you Vine…

• Creativity – The most important thing is creative thinking -think outside the box when it comes to making your video, try to involve humour and take advantage of the “touch to record” feature, to create clever stop motion effects!

• Audience – Think about who your audience will be. Try to make videos that relate to them on a personal level or that will fit in with their interests.

• Relevancy – You need to make sure whatever you Vine is relevant to your business and customers in some way. Think about your reasons why you are making a specific Vine before you record it – is it to promote certain marketing material, to show the personal side of your business, or to interact with customers?

• Social Media – Vine is owned by Twitter, so it’s easy to post Vines straight to your business’ twitter feed. Also, think about sharing the video on other social media platforms. If your audience like your Vine, then they are likely to share it on their pages, meaning hundreds of other people can also see it – increasing your brand’s awareness!

• Tags – Don’t forget to add tags to your Vines! Just like Twitter, you can add tags that relate to your video – meaning there’s more of a chance that your Vine will get seen if someone searches a certain phrase that you’ve included in a tag.

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Things your business can Vine about…

• A tour of your shop/office – Take your customers for a quick tour around your shop/office or other workplace. People like to do their research before going to a new place and this is the perfect way to win over a potential customer’s confidence.

• Showcase your work – Show off any new products or designs you may have – whet the appetite of your customers with little sneak peeks and leave them wanting more!

• Show happy customers – With their consent, of course! A new take on customer testimonials – you could show one customer per second with their purchased products, or holding a “thank-you” sign with your branding on it – that’s six happy customers!

• Latest promotions – Show clips of any print adverts you may have, or products on shelves that you wish to promote. You can even show off any of your promotional material such as mugs, pens, bags etc.

• Employee introductions / behind the scenes of your workplace – Split second clips of each one of your employees, to put a face to their names, could be a good idea. As could doing a little peek into each room or your office / area of your shop to show clips of staff hard at work!

• Company announcements – Any company announcements, whether it’s a new team member joining you, any company success including awards, achievements and developments, newspaper clippings, any exhibitions you are attending… pretty much anything you’d like to show off!

• Seasonal silliness – Easter, Christmas, Valentines, New Year, the list goes on – try making a seasonal Vine – think about seasonal objects and incorporating them with some aspect of your branding.

If you would like help or advice on setting up or managing any social media accounts for your business, here at GML we are happy to help! Email us at

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