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Get Your Business into Shape for 2014!


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Why make New Year’s resolutions that you aren’t going to stick to? Promising to use the exercise bike that you’ve had in the corner of your room for years – then, the only thing that ends up riding it are the hideous Christmas socks that your weird aunt got you as a ‘present’…. Healthy eating – then finding yourself at the bottom of an ice cream tub, ridden with guilt!

Give yourself a challenge for 2014 that’s fun, productive and rewarding – get your business into shape this year.

5 Business Resolutions for 2014…

1. “I’m going to get my business involved in the community…”

– Involve yourself more in your community this year; sponsor a local sports team, offer your services to local charities, or even hold a fund raising event for them! This will not only help others in your community, but will also promote your business in a positive way – if you do good deeds, then you are more likely to receive them.

2. “I’m going to do more business networking…”

– Look out for any business events or exhibitions this year – whether it is a sector-specific event or a general business event, and whether you’re exhibiting or just visiting, you will have the chance to do some networking and make valuable contacts. If you are planning on exhibiting this year, make sure you have appropriate and high quality promotional material, as this can be what makes you stand out.

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3. “I’m going to research new trends and learn new approaches to business in 2014”

– Embrace change! Spend some time researching new trends and techniques in your business sector – whether it’s new social media platforms and new ways to connect with your customers, or new developments in technology; you need to make sure you are at the forefront of these new approaches, and utilise them to your benefit!

4. “I’m going to make my business the best!”

– Take a look at your business statistics from the previous year – find out what your business does best, what you excel in, and analyse any customer feedback – not only can you improve on things that need improving on, but you can also make what you do best even better! No matter how good you are at something, there is always room for improvement – and your clients will appreciate your service or product even more!

A pear5. “I’m going to set my business some realistic, yet challenging goals for 2014”

– Think about all of the above, and set your business some realistic goals for 2014… Decide which areas you can improve on and which new areas you are going to develop – make a yearly plan, so that you can evaluate it when the year is over and see the results. Give yourself and your team incentives to achieve your goals – boosting staff morale and the quality of work produced. Aim high, and reap the rewards!

There are plenty of healthy new business resolutions to make this year – promise to give your business the nutrients it needs to thrive in 2014… a mixture of professional marketing, design, and web management… the best thing is – you’re still allowed that ice cream!