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A Simple Guide Through The Web Marketing Maze


Low cost, excellent coverage, easily targeted, highly measurable, rapid to deliver… there are many benefits to advertising on the web, so why is it that so many local businesses don’t dive straight in?


A frustrated thought bubble in the middle of a maze with the caption 'is this you?'

With so much choice, it can be hard to cherry-pick which of the many options available will best serve your business. Learning about your web options in the first place can be like trying to read alphabet soup; PPC, API, CMS, DMP! Once you’ve identified what you want, trying to get there can quickly lead to loss of direction. Entering such a maze without some idea of your route to the other side could waste money!

Here’s a run-down of the basic options available to you on the web:

Display advertising

– Rich media and traditional display banners: Rich media uses graphics, animation, video or audio to enhance your advert.
– Pop-ups
– Floating adverts (rich media)
– Expanding adverts: Adverts that expand when you click or hover over them to show more information.
– Interstitial adverts : These appear before the content you want to see. Examples include short adverts before Youtube videos, or a webpage inserted before the site or page you expect to open.
– Text adverts (hyperlink based)

Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Optimisation:
Making sure your website is designed, written and developed in a way that encourages search engines to list it highly.

Sponsored search:
Pay per click (PPC) For example, listings that appear in the lightly shaded box at the top of Google search, and down the right hand side are sponsored.

Social Media Marketing

A ‘like’ is only the beginning!

Networks like Facebook are reputation management and relationship building tools. Brand engagement has the highest impact through contests, offers and competitions with brand or product-related sharable entertainment like images and videos. Don’t forget the call to action to like the page, click the link etc..

Mobile Advertising

23% of UK online purchases are made on mobile devices including tablets. Forget e-commerce, T-commerce is the way forward! Make sure your advertising keeps up with changes in consumer behaviour by targeting mobile and tablet users!


Email marketing remains the most profitable way of turning prospects into customers, but only if it’s done correctly. They need carefully considered design and content , code compatible for all email clients such as Outlook, Gmail, Hotmail (they all have their quirks that can throw a decent design out of line) plus a reliable mailing program to ensure it complies with email marketing guidelines. Using an experienced marketing company such as GML will ensure your emails look perfect and reach as wide an audience as possible.

Online Classified Advertising

Exactly as you’d expect from newspapers and magazine, you can make sure your goods and services appear where your potential customers are looking.

Affiliate marketing

You can promote your business on other people’s websites in return for a commission. This can be a great way of boosting a fledgeling business by associating with an established brand name!

But how do you know which of the above will make the best strategy for your business?
If you’re a business owner, you’ll be so busy watching your own sector that keeping up-to-date with the ever changing internet marketing landscape just isn’t a priority. There is a way to stay at the forefront without the necessary hours of research, let us do it for you!

Exerienced marketers like GML can identify the best options for your budget and ambition. Call us today to arrange a relaxed meeting where we can help you build a strategy from scratch!