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Quality Promotional Materials to help make the most of your Brand


Business cards for GML and GML clients


To make the most of your brand, you need to use every opportunity you get to promote yourself. This means using promotional material – whether you are in the early stages of developing your business and are visiting a lot of conferences or exhibitions, or if you are an already established business looking to improve your marketing approach; having a unique and refreshing range of promotional products can attract interest over the competition.

Providing you have a striking and effective visual design, you can begin to apply your brand across the range. From every day promotional materials to larger exhibition displays, we at GML can cater for all of your promotional needs, and can manage all of your marketing requirements in one place, ensuring consistency throughout.

Make the most of your brand and apply it to every possible platform that your potential and current clients can reach. When at exhibitions people are always more likely to come and talk to someone who is giving away freebies… get them interested from the start and attract them with interesting and unique designs – think about your potential client’s interests and needs – for example – if it’s other businesses you want to work with then opt for something that can be used every day in an office environment. Don’t just settle for the first thing that pops into your mind, think outside the box! People are more likely to be attracted to something they’ve never seen before. Here at GML we research the latest promotional material and can find something to suit every business and the needs of your clients whilst saving you money by finding you the best deals. We design and produce dynamic and high quality business cards, letterheads, invoice slips, email shots, print advertising, flyers, and much more – pretty much any promo request you have, we can deliver.

See below for some ideas on which products would suit your company best…

Useful Products:

Mugs – On average in Britain, we get through around 165 million cups of tea EVERY DAY! Having personalised mugs with your company logo on can be a really effective way of getting your brand noticed. The first thing you offer a client in a meeting is a nice cuppa – so make the best first impression with a quality promotional mug!

Stationery – Whether it’s in the office or for personal use at home, stationery is something everyone needs to use. Pens are a popular choice of products to personalise and are perfect for giving out at exhibitions. Maybe suggest that if someone fills in a lead for you, they get to keep the pen? Incentives inspire, inspiration motivates, and motivation can encourage potential clients to use your services.

Clothes – Company clothes can show you mean business – wearing your logo proud shows that you believe in your brand. If you believe in it, then others will! Bags are another fun way to wear your brand, and are an item every customer needs.

Calendars – Calendars are another item used 365 days a year. You can personalise these to include monthly offers your company may have (e.g. attaching a coupon to the bottom of each month) and include any special events your business will be hosting/attending.

Christmas-branded GML merchandise


Print Material:

Flyers/Posters – Whether you need these to promote events, products, or services, your print material needs to be visually striking and unique. Choose carefully where you place these, whether you are handing out flyers or putting up posters, you need to make sure your target audience are going to be able to see them. Make sure only the most relevant information is displayed on your flyers or posters because less text makes more impact. Use thought provoking key words, keep it bold and clear with an appropriate and interesting image.

Brochures – Brochures need to be attractive and easy to navigate through. Your range of products or services needs to be in a relevant order and your visual brand needs to be made obvious throughout. Keep your layout simple and consistent, highlighting only important, key information.

Bumper Stickers – On your daily travels, there is always the imminent possibility of getting stuck in traffic! Give people something to look at with a bumper sticker – if someone sees something that relates to them or advertises something they need, they are likely to take note of this. Use punchy text or a bold image and think about using humour to relate to people. Include some form of contact details, whether it’s is a web address, phone number or even a Twitter account.

Business Cards – Business cards are a simple yet effective way of getting people to contact you and view your website. There’s always a chance to hand out your business cards to people, whether it’s at an exhibition, to clients at meetings, or if you are canvassing for new clients.

Posters for GML clients


Think about how you can reflect your business ethics through your promotional material – the designs you use can be important, for example – if you are thinking about buying some promotional pens and your company deals in a sector which is not particularly environmentally friendly, you could opt for a design made from eco-friendly sources, to show that you are committed to giving something back to the planet.

For more information on the extensive range of promotional materials GML Consulting can supply you with, please contact us on 01603 508066 or email us You can also visit