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Start your Seasonal Marketing Plan…


GML logo with Christmas ribbonsThe nights are getting darker, the leaves are falling, and the next few months of festivities are on their way… which means now is the perfect opportunity to come up with a seasonal marketing plan!

With Halloween in October, Fireworks in November, Christmas in December and the imminent start of the New Year 2014, you can’t afford to miss out on promoting your business during these prosperous months…

Don’t know where to start? See below for some seasonal snippets:

Web Design – Give your website a seasonal makeover… whether it’s a simple addition to the header/footer, a general homepage re-design, or even a new page dedicated to seasonal offers or events; the designs you use can highly influence your audience. Think about which seasonal colours and designs you could use that will blend in seamlessly with your brand – you don’t have to stick with clichéd or tacky design options, create something new and exciting!

Print Design – New seasonal products to advertise? A delicious menu to show off? Any seasonal events to promote? All of this can not only be done online, but in print as well. Think about creating some festively designed flyers, brochures, posters or menus to hand out to customers and prospective ones – again, keep your designs consistent with your branding. Another great idea is to bring out a calendar for the New Year – this will be viewed by people every day!

Email Shots – A professionally laid-out email shot is a great way to get noticed – the email is delivered directly to your client and gives them a first look at all of your offers and services. Eye-catching and relevant designs combined with quality textual content will no doubt attract the attention of prospective clients.

GML-branded Christmas promotional products

Special Offers/Events – Create some special offers or events, relating to the specific season/holiday. It gives you more opportunity to promote your business and can be the one factor that makes a customer choose you over the competition. For example – if you are a club or bar, you might have a Halloween themed night with “spooky cocktails” that you can hand out flyers for. If you are a restaurant you might find it worthwhile revamping your menu for Christmas, or if you are a shop you could invest in some new seasonal posters that promote any offers you might have – No matter what kind of business you run, there are always options to introduce seasonal offers or events.

Social Media – You could start a Christmas/New year countdown on Facebook, Twitter etc. – get excited and let your enthusiasm infect others. Maybe post a different offer every day in December so it works as a kind of Advent Calendar – this can increase daily hits to your page because your customers will be eagerly awaiting your next post!

With seasonal marketing it is best to start early so you are prepared and have everything ready to go, before the competition. Celebrate the festivities with your customers and try to involve them as much as you can with special offers, competitions, blog posts and anything else which can relate to your business in some way – after all, everybody loves getting into the spirit!

GML Consulting can help you with all of your marketing needs this season – from email shots and print/web design, to managing your social media page and website, we can promote your business on every level and help you gain maximum interest in your products and services. For any additional information you may need or to find out exactly how we can help you, please contact GML Consulting on 01603 508066 or email

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