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Using Creative Thinking and Design to Effectively Market Your Business


Creativity is essential in the successful marketing of your individual brand. You constantly need to think of new and innovative ways to connect with your existing and potential clients as a business. Whether it’s through web design, adverts, print, or social media, we are suckers for creative advertising, particularly when new ideas are shown, or they contain humour. We must use this to our advantage!

There are a number of different ways in which you can use creative thinking and design to effectively draw in your audience… with inspiration, comes motivation, and in turn people are motivated to use your services. Creative minds trade comfort for potential, and this is key to developing new and exciting ways to generate business.

Take the nightclub industry, for example. Bars and clubs are often collectively clustered in the same area, so it is vital that they stand out for all the right reasons. These places can either go boom or bust, in a very short space of time. Peri’s Leisure, a leading group of nightclubs, had this to say about the way we (GML) utilise our creativity to make their website unique and successful; “GML have been fantastic, providing quick and efficient amendments, upgrades, and quirky designs leaving us always, one step ahead of our competitors. Regular additional features come in the form of membership registration, effective data-capture and bright, funky and fresh designs always provided accurately and swiftly by the GML team.”
…This message really portrays the importance of creativity when it comes to design and thought processes. Creativity is what makes us all different, and can be the key to making our businesses stand above the rest. With eye-catching, intriguing, or sometimes even controversial advertising and design, you can really relate to your audience on an individual level, standing out from the crowd.

Creativity is a mind-set, not a skill-set. History has always proven that new ideas and concepts are often met with ridicule and scepticism, which could explain why we tend to shy away from our unusual thoughts. However, it was the creative thinking of Christopher Columbus that gave us the now common knowledge that the world we live on is round. People mocked him when he first suggested this, but he stuck by his theory. Therefore, to be creative is to be courageous. Don’t be afraid to be bold and decisive with your designs and ideas, because it can really pay off on a scale you couldn’t even imagine.

To tune into your creative thoughts, you have to regress. A child loves nothing more than to drift off into their own imagination, and something as simple as a cardboard box can become a spaceship, in their eyes. A make-believe world of one child can infect the imaginations of others, because if a child hears or sees something new or interesting, then they instinctively want to join in. If we had that same imagination now, we could use it to communicate effectively with our audience, drawing them in, in the same way. However, as we age many of us lose this ability to accept and embrace new ideas and use our imaginations, meaning that we can struggle to “think outside the box”.

Below are some tips on how to overcome these blocks and reconnect with your imagination…


The Three B’s to Breaking Through the Block:

Nikki Long

Brainstorm- Scribble down any ideas you may have, and work from there. Ask yourself questions; who will my audience be? How can I capture their attention? What can we do that will make us stand out from the competitors? You can experiment with

different ways to Brainstorm; writing lists, thought bubbles, or even drawing pictures. This will help you find out which method is most effective and inspiring for you.
Be Brave- Don’t be afraid of your creative thoughts and ideas, embrace them and be confident. If you believe in the message you are trying to put across, then others are likely to agree with you.
Be Bold- It is good to take risks now and then. If everyone stuck to the same old methods, then we would still be in the Stone Age. Bold and strikingly individual designs are vital when you have lots of competitors.

When you have perfected the art of creative thinking, it is time to put it to good use! Here are a few of the different mediums you can use to express your new-found creativity, and use it to enhance your business:

Social Media- Think of new ways to promote your company; maybe start blogging, post some case studies, or create some online competitions or special offers, to make you stand out and draw people in. Think about which would be the best site to use and why? (See our Social Media Engagement blog entry for tips on this)
• Advertising/Campaigns- Create something no one has seen before. The more quirky and different your ideas are, the larger your audience will become. More abstract advertising can be effective, letting your audience use their own imaginations to decide how the message you portray relates to them. However, you still need to make sure the ad directly connects with the service you provide and its purpose needs to be clear.
• Web Design- your website needs to be unique, but relatable, innovative, yet still informative. Use your creativity to think of new ways in which you can add to your site, adding social media links and having the option to share content will increase your hits.

So, have a think about what possibilities there are to improve the future of your business and use your creativity to put you one step ahead of the rest. Stand out from the crowd in all the right ways, and don’t be afraid to go with your new ideas.


We are proud to introduce new team member and ATT Apprentice, Gemma Howell, who is studying Business Administration with GML;

I hope to grow with the company, gaining experience and knowledge, whilst developing my current skills and becoming an integral part of the team.”

You can probably tell from her engaging inaugural blog post that Gemma enjoys writing, having studied A levels in English Language & Literature, Psychology, and Art at City College Norwich, and writing creatively in her spare time. But the creativity doesn’t stop there, when she’s not enjoying time with friends and family, Gemma is also a commissioned portrait artist, and has played guitar since she was thirteen.

A favourite example of recent marketing? The 3 mobile network’s television campaign; because moonwalking Shetland ponies are hilarious!