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The Best Way to ‘Go Mobile’ With Your Business


The statistics are undeniable, and mobile is now the most exciting frontier in consumer engagement. Your business wants to be part of the revolution, but should you optimise your existing website, or develop an independent app? It’s a decision unique to your services. To help you decide, here’s a graphic comparison that lays out the pros and cons of both options:


2 mobile phones, one with mobile sites on the screen and the other with mobile apps on the screen


A mobile website is a version of your existing site with some content reduced to improve access for mobile users. They have less potential to be perfectly user-friendly than apps but are much cheaper, can be accessed through any mobile browser and require no user configuration. Customers spend less time on mobile sites compared to apps, but unique visits and therefore traffic is much higher, and audience wider. With a little more investment, GML Consulting can re-create your main website in a ‘responsive’ format ; a flexible design that morphs to any screen size it’s viewed on. Mobile, tablet or PC.



Apps are excellent at generating repeat custom by allowing users to access your services offline and thus generating better engagement per visit. They allow greater customisation than mobile websites and create more opportunities to earn advertising revenue. On the down side, some user configuration may be required and development is expensive. Apps are also operating system specific. Perfect for a targeted market like iPhone users, but not as effective as mobile websites in achieving wide brand exposure.


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