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Responsive Web Design Explained


RWD – Responsive Web Design is not just another TPA (Totally Pointless Acronym), it’s steadily becoming the biggest acronym in web marketing since ‘SEO’. So what is it?

Responsive Web Design bestows a website with that magic property usually reserved for liquids – to adopt the shape of whatever container it’s put in. Just replace beakers, jars and bottles with tablets, smart phones and desktop computers. Your website can be programmed to automatically adapt to screen dimensions, leaving you to concentrate on other priorities like generating fantastic content, safe in the knowledge your site will look great on any platform your customer wants to use.

Awesome. What does this mean for marketing?

When you browse a website on a desktop computer, you know you’re most likely to find advertising in the header and down each side of the page, so you focus your attention away from these areas and on the content-rich ‘central strip’. Now imagine looking at a normal website using your mobile screen. Banner advertisements shrivel into non-existence and text becomes microscopic.

Mobile users cannot be as selective about what they notice because their eyes have less space to roam, so wouldn’t it be great if your advertising could expand to fit more screen space on a smart phone? Responsive Web Design can ensure just that…


Currys website on desktop Currys website on mobile devices


Currys’ website above has the flexibility of an Olympic gymnast. Recently included in Econsultancy’s list of great examples of Responsive Design, you can see for yourself how the content slides around, automatically adjusting itself, simply by changing the size of your browser window.

14.5% of all browsing is now done by mobile. This is climbing rapidly, and now is a great time to integrate Responsive Web Design into your marketing strategy so your site is a smooth experience, whichever platform your customer wishes to use.

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