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It’s Not Too Late for Christmas Marketing


Now that Halloween’s been and gone, it’s time to start thinking about Christmas and the New Year. Let’s face it, they really are just around the corner, and before you know it Christmas eve is here and you’re rushing around doing your last minute shopping. It is not too late to get your thinking caps on and decide what your business is offering this Festive season. Whether you’re a restaurant, hotel, bar, shop, club or an online store there’s always something you can do to bring in that extra custom at Christmas. Whatever events you’re hosting this Christmas there are plenty of ways to promote the festivities, such as:

• Flyers
• Banners
• Posters
• Email Shots
• Social Media Updates
• Menus
• Christmas content on your website

The later these are left, the less chance you have of reaping in their benefits. Things such as posters and flyers can not only be printed and handed out, they can also be emailed or added into your website, covering a wider range of potential customers, and reaching the customers you already rely upon. It’s a simple idea that can gain you a worthwhile boost in sales.

Promotional discount leaflets or coupons are always an excellent way to bring in more revenue, it gives the consumer an incentive to go out and spend their hard earned cash and feel like they’re gaining something extra from it, they also feel organised as it’s not left until the last minute. You can also have a system where the more they spend on an online checkout, the more discount they receive. Lots of companies will be using these strategies to try and increase their revenue, every strategy can help and it’s never too late to give them a go!

If you’re holding a range of events over the festive season, why not add in a Festive Page to your website, it saves cluttering up your homepage with 3 or 4 different advertisements for different events. It focuses all your festive offers and events in one place and will make the visitor more willing to use at least one of those offers or enjoy the festive activities available to them on the site. Alternatively, if you’re holding one event, such as a Christmas dinner or New Year’s Eve ball having one advertisement on your homepage in festive colours or contrasting colours to the site will draw in their attention and make it stand out. All that’s left to do is persuade them to use your services or buy your product; you’d be surprised how simple and easy this can be with an eye-catching flyer or small advertisement with a witty punch line.

If you’re a restaurant, pub or hotel one of the very first things you should think about when it comes to Christmas is your menu. There is high competition every year for where people will dine for their Christmas and Boxing Day meals; the food side of the festive season is the one thing that people don’t feel guilty about splashing the cash on, so make the most of this whilst there’s still time!

Even though we all want to get Christmas Day out of the way first, you shouldn’t brush New Year’s Eve to one side. In that one-week gap between Christmas and New Year’s think about how many printing businesses may be shut, or how many design companies will already be snowed under with last minute requests for New Year’s Eve promotions. The last thing you want to happen is to get to the day before New Year’s Eve and realise the banner for your event has been designed but not printed because the printers are shut or you missed the deadline, or you suddenly find that you underestimated the amount of tickets you would need printed for an event and are now 35 short. New Year’s Eve can bring in just as much revenue as Christmas can, so set your mind to rest over the holidays and organise it all now.

When it comes to the Festive season organisation is key to having a profitable season. Make sure your business is getting the exposure and brings in all the revenue Christmas generates. You won’t regret it, no matter how late you think you’ve left it, there’s still time before that big day arrives!